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Sensory Integration

The USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Affirms Its Continued Commitment to Training in Ayres Sensory Integration® With These Unique Advanced Training Programs

Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI)® was originally developed by Faculty Emeritus A. Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR, who was both an occupational therapist and an educational psychologist. Dr. Ayres developed a theoretical framework, a set of standardized tests, and a clinical approach for the identification and remediation of sensory integration problems in children. Her publications on sensory integration span a 30-year period from the 1960s through the 1980s, and include psychometric studies, as well as clinical trials and single case series.

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Sensory Integration

The USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy has a rich history of advanced training in sensory integration, starting with the initial course offering of the hands-on supervised clinical experience, OT 610, originally taught by Dr. Ayres beginning in 1977.  Through continued development and refinement of the content and materials over the past 35 years, the Chan Division remains committed to upholding the legacy of Dr. Ayres’ work in the science and clinical application of sensory integration by offering the following Advanced Training Programs in Sensory Integration to meet the needs of the global community.

USC Chan Sensory Integration Continuing Education (CE) Certificate Program

Participants: The USC Chan Sensory Integration Continuing Education (CE) Certificate Program is open to occupational therapists registered in the United States or occupational therapists who received their degrees from WFOT-approved occupational therapy programs. CE Course 1 (only) is also open to non-OTs.

Course Format: USC Sensory Integration Continuing Education (CE) courses will be offered in-person and online beginning August 2016.  In-person CE courses will occur in locations across the US and internationally.

Overview:  To obtain the USC Sensory Integration Continuing Education (CE) Certificate, participants must complete 100 contact hours within the following: CE Course 1 (30 hours); CE Course 2 (20 hours); CE Course 3 (20 hours); and Special Topics in Sensory Integration (30 hours). 

More detailed information regarding this continuing education opportunity will be available in Spring 2016

USC Sensory Integration Hands-On Clinical Training Program (OT 610)

Participants: OT 610 is open to occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists. 

Course Format: OT 610 is offered in-person only in Los Angeles, CA.

Overview: OT 610 (4 graduate units) offers participants intensive experiences through both an academic seminar and hands-on clinical practice. In the seminars, participants discuss sensory integration theory and research in detail, problem-solve individual treatment cases, and learn the intervention concepts originated by Dr. Ayres. During the intervention sessions, participants intervene using sensory integration techniques and systematically document progress under direct supervision from a team of master clinicians.

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