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Sensory Integration: Advanced Training

The USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy provides leadership in promoting and advancing the work originally designed by Dr. A. Jean Ayres through its world-renowned training programs in the sensory integration theory and frame of reference in occupational therapy.  Advanced training in sensory integration theory and methods, Ayres Sensory Integration®, are available to therapy professionals that lead to Certification in Sensory Integration including Administering and Interpreting the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests.

USC OS/OT Courses

Two of the OT elective courses at USC count toward certification in sensory integration: OT 564 and OT 610.

OT 564 is a semester-long elective course providing in-depth lectures in sensory integration theory and experiences related to the use of this theory in occupational therapy practice.

OT 610 is a 4-month lecture and training program originally founded by Dr. Ayres to provide graduate OT students, as well as experienced occupational therapists, with the background knowledge and skills for advanced practice in this area.  This 4-month training program is designed for individuals seeking hands-on experience in actual practice including expert mentorship in delivering individual therapy with a focus on application of sensory integration theory to performance in early intervention, schools, clinic settings, and in specialized programs. Please note that tuition for OT 610 (Summer) is not included in fall or spring semester.  Students who wish to take OT 610 in the summer must pay a separate 4 units of tuition for the summer session.

This course may also be taken as Continuing Education.

USC/WPS Sensory Integration Certification Program, leading to certification in Sensory Integration and the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT)

The University of Southern California Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy in partnership with Western Psychological Services, owner and publisher of the SIPT (USC/WPS), is proud to offer the world’s premier training program in Sensory Integration:

  • Presented by eminent occupational therapists who are experts in sensory integration theory and practice, this four-course series offers the most up-to-date information on sensory integration theory, assessment, interpretation, and intervention.
  • Based on scientific evidence and clinical reasoning, the course content teaches participants how to apply sensory integration principles in multiple settings including clinical practice, school-based practice and early intervention, with a variety of populations including learning and behavior problems, attention deficits, autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays.
  • Endorsed by Western Psychological Services as the only course to live up to the standards required for proper test administration.
  • Endorsed by the Franklin B. Baker/A. Jean Ayres Baker Trust:
    “The Comprehensive Program in Sensory Integration through USC/WPS is the only Sensory Integration and SIPT certification process that maintains and promotes the research and training integrity and business standards espoused by the late A. Jean Ayres. You are guaranteed that what you will learn emanates directly from A. Jean Ayres’s theory of sensory integration and her philosophy and intention for its application in practice.”
    —Brian Erwin, Successor Trustee
    Franklin B. Baker/A. Jean Ayres Baker Trust