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Mrs. T.H. Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
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Trojans Talk OT

TTOT is a student-run audio podcast designed to inform and entertain occupational therapy practitioners, students, educators, and our friends. Broadcasting from the USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, our team tracks down leaders, innovators and advocates in the field, bringing their voices to a wider audience. We strive to make every episode engaging, fun, current and educational by incorporating great OT stories, fun and witty narration and cool music. Our goal is to support the Centennial Vision by arming our audience with information about advocacy, innovative practice and research to support their evidence-based practice. Check out our current episodes on our webpage Trojans Talk OT.

Why our voice is needed

The podcast was a means of both exploring and promoting the field of OT. As the collaborative team grew, the project continued to parallel the spirit of Karen Jacobs’ (2012) Eleanor Clark Slagle lecture, which emphasized the marketing and “promOTing” OT through words, specifically social media. According to Jacobs, “promOTing” is as essential to our profession as evidence-based practice.

How to join the team

You don’t have to be a sound engineer wiz or a master investigative journalist by any means. Anyone who is interested, curious and passionate is welcome on our team. We have the equipment, we just need you and your ideas. Stop someone in a TTOT t-shirt or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you’re interested in joining or if you just want to learn more.

The 2013-2014 Production Team

Alyssa Concha- Lead Producer and Co-Founder


I am without a doubt one of the biggest National Public Radio (NPR) podcast nerds/junkies you’ll ever meet. When I had the opportunity to create a podcast with friends about OT nothing could stop me. I love finding people out in the OT world that are doing exciting new things in the profession. It is such a satisfying experience to share their passion and success with a wider audience. I can’t decide what part of this experience I love more: sitting with amazing OTs chatting about their passions or writing and brainstorming new ideas for episodes with the awesome TTOT production team. Through this experience I have learned so much about what OTs can do, which is only limited by our creativity.

Rob Russow – Producer and Co-Founder

Rob Russow

Rob Russow hails from Chicago, Illinois and worked as a fishing reporter for ESPN before returning to school to pursue occupational therapy. He hopes to use his communication background to explore and share interesting aspects of the profession with anyone who wants to listen. His favorite occupations include teaching people how to juggle, baking, reading and enjoying the California sun. He is a founder of Trojans Talk OT and currently produces and promotes episodes of the show. Starting the podcast has been a way to connect with different OT professionals and capture their unique voices.

Bari Turetzky

Bari Turetzky

I had recently been introduced to the wonderful world of podcasts. I became an avid listener of The Moth, This American Life, RadioLab, among others, and my interest was piqued when Alyssa shared with me the concept behind Trojans Talk OT. I loved that this was combining my love for OT with my new-found admiration of podcasts. Thus far, I have only been involved with the organization, strategic planning and marketing. I have identified a participant and conducted one interview with another TTOT member. We are currently working on editing the interview and others to create an episode. I have also participated in presenting a poster on TTOT at the OTAC Annual Conference in Sacramento to arouse interest and identify potential contributors to future episodes. I have begun to familiarize myself with editing software, something that was completely foreign to me. I am eager to acquire new editing skills and expand my technological aptitude. I also recognize that interviewing is a critical skill in this field, and being involved with TTOT affords me the opportunity to hone these skills. I also love that I get to acquire knowledge of various topics that TTOT explores. I love being a part of TTOT and listening to the episodes myself!

Dennis Lin – Part-time Producer

Dennis Lin

I joined TTOT to support opportunities for voices to be heard and ideas to be shared about the field of OT. As part of the team I try to offer a helping hand to episode planning and production. Being a part of TTOT has offered me broader perspective on the field of OT.

Daniel Luo

Hi there! My name is Daniel, and I first heard about Trojans Talk OT at the OTAC conference this past October in Sacramento. When I saw their presentation and had a chance to chat with the folks who run TTOT, I immediately knew that I wanted to join, as it would be a great way to make connections, get involved and leverage my media editing skills. At TTOT, I hope to serve as a sort of liaison between the Health Sciences and University Park Campuses, spreading the word about the world of occupational therapy to my fellow undergraduates!