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Practice Immersions

Following the successful completion of foundational courses, students begin their rotations through practice immersion courses meant to develop mastery through immersion: OT 501 Adult Physical Rehabilitation, OT 502 Mental Health, and OT 503 Pediatrics. The entire class is divided into three cohorts. Over three semesters, each cohort takes one practice immersion course per semester in the above mentioned practice areas. The cohorts rotate through each of the practice immersion courses over the course of three semesters.

Each of these 8-unit intensive courses combines lecture and experiential learning laboratories, along with corresponding weekly Level I fieldwork. Students engage in fieldwork one day a week for a ten week period, with one week of full-time fieldwork during the fourth or fifth week. Each immersion course allows students to focus on one area of practice at a time, and concurrent fieldwork provides the opportunity for students to immediately integrate classroom learning with practical application.  Students develop competence in the knowledge and skills required for evaluation and intervention in each practice setting. We believe these practice immersions provide key elements necessary for students to attain mastery in a particular domain.

Read the Course Descriptions of the practice immersions.