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Choices, Choices! Aka, “What Electives Should I Take?”

Oct 28, 2013, by Kate · email · Leave a comment

During the second semester of our second year in the entry-level master’s program, we are given the chance to take elective courses that spark our interest in the field of occupational therapy. The Division offers a variety of elective courses that provide students with a look into a particular niche. Examples of elective courses that the Division is offering for Spring 2014 include: Occupational Therapy in Acute Care, Sensory Integration Theory, Early Intervention, Universal Design, Hand Rehabilitation, Dysphagia, Lifestyle Redesign® and Motor Control. There are a lot of choices and, to some, it might be overwhelming to decide what to take versus what not to take. If only I could take all of the classes!

I’ve decided to enroll in some of the classes I feel most connected to, including Lifestyle Redesign® and Occupational Therapy in Acute Care. I have applied for the Occupational Therapy Doctorate program at USC and am very interested in pursuing Lifestyle Redesign® a bit further in order to assist my future clients with changing their habits and routines and positively impacting their own well-being. Furthermore, I am interested in marrying that area of practice with the adult rehabilitation or primary care setting. I feel that by taking these two courses, I can best prepare myself for my doctorate and for my practice.

I’m really excited to dive deeper into occupational therapy and the specific courses that I am interested in. Whenever I think about it, it amazes me how much closer I am to graduating! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by throughout this program. Soon enough it will be a new group of students coming through these doors—maybe even YOU!!! I think the best that I can do is leave a positive legacy for the future USC occupational therapy students!

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