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Finding Balance

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Yesterday in my “Health Promotion and Wellness” course, we discussed finding balance (or lack thereof) in our lives. A balanced life includes leisure, individual care, free/unscheduled time, and efforts in school/work activities. It may not surprise you that an overwhelming majority of my day falls in the “efforts in school/work activities” category. Thankfully, I greatly enjoy what I do in school and the work I do outside of school. Something I am very involved in is USC’s Occupational Therapy and Science Council. I am currently the chairperson of the organization and it is a busy time for me because elections are underway for the first-year master’s students in the program. I am looking forward to elections being over, because I remember how excited I was to last year to find out I received a position on the council and want this year’s first-year students to have that same feeling. Because our program at USC is two years long, the term for each of the positions on the council are two years long. Tonight is the night that voting closes, so I’m sure the candidates are eagerly awaiting the results. Good luck to all!

Jen Waters at 2013 White Coat Ceremony

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