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Pre-OT Me

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Before deciding to enter a graduate program, you may have asked yourself, “Can I be an OT?”  I may not know you too well yet, but I have a feeling the answer is yes!  While a Master’s degree in occupational therapy is required to practice, many professionals arrive at this destination from vastly different origins. 

My path was a bit more direct as I entered USC directly in the Bachelor’s to Master’s program.  However, in the effort to gain a well-rounded undergraduate education, I also pursued a major in psychology and a minor in nutrition & health promotion.  By studying these diverse fields, I feel enabled to blend multiple perspectives to inform my future practice as an occupational therapist. 

Occupational therapy stresses the importance of client-centered practice and treating the whole person.  Because each OT exudes a unique therapeutic style, one’s practice can be informed by his or her background.  An OT with a background in business might differ from one who studied sociology, but they can both provide valuable treatment for their clients.  Further, these varied perspectives allow therapists to share knowledge and exchange ideas with each other, which improves therapists’ clinical reasoning and the profession as a whole!

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