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Talking to Undergraduate Students

, by Kate · email · Leave a comment

Today I had the chance to go talk to some of the undergraduate classes at USC about the field of occupational therapy. It was so great to be back on the University Park Campus (most of the master’s classes are on the Health Sciences Campus, which is northeast of downtown). Since I graduated in 2006 I have gone back for football games and other special events. But it was really neat to be back here on a Monday, going to a class with undergraduate students, and telling them about my new career path and passion.

It is so easy for me to share my love for all things USC and now for all things occupational therapy. Sometimes I wish it was easy for everyone to feel the same feelings!! I know everyone has their own path and journey in life, however. It’s just very exciting when I see other young minds at one of the greatest universities in the country working towards something greater than themselves. I asked the class the question: “After you graduate, what do you want out of a job?” It warmed my heart to hear the first thing out of multiple students’ mouths was “I want to make the world a better place,” and “I want to be fulfilled.” And I know USC and the occupational therapy program can give students what they want out of a career. What can I say? USC and OT have my heart!!

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