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Week One down…15 more to go!

Sep 3, 2013, by Ryan · email · Leave a comment

Last week was our first week back to classes for our fall semester.  I cannot believe I am in my second year of OT school at USC and that it has been a year since I started this glorious program.  My life is so different from when I started the program.  I feel like l look at my life in such a different way and make better choices for myself because of the daily influence of OT. I am so excited for my future in such an amazing, creative, and inspiring career.

So, the summer was a very intense 12 weeks completing my Level II Fieldwork at a Pediatric Sensory Integration OT Clinic (if you haven’t heard of Sensory Integration look it up, it is so fascinating). I was amazed at how much work was involved but I learned SO much from the greatest supervisors (I had two of them, when usually you have one) and I appreciate OT’s even more. Clinical experience is so different than being in class. We talk about it a lot, but until you are really hands on for a good amount of time you just don’t understand it. I really think with this experience under my belt, I am going to get even more out of my classes this semester because I have developed treatment plans, documented notes, and treated clients on my own.

Well, I will keep you posted as the weeks go by…

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