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Connecting to the S: drive with a Mac

In order for Macintosh computers to connect to the new file server, please delete any references to smb://…. within the Finder.  Once these connections have been deleted, complete the following to access the new file shares:

  • Within Finder, go to Go -> Connect to Server….
  • In the Server Address bar, type one of the following, then click Connect:
    • For the Shared drive (S:), type – smb://$
    • For your User drive (U:), type – smb://$/”username” replacing “username” with your username without quotes (My U: drive would be smb://$/wolcott).
    • For the LawMatt drive (R:), type – smb://$
  • When prompted for a username and password, type in OSOT\”username” (your username without the quotes) and your new OSOT-based password.