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JEP and Occupational Therapy — New Mini Courses

May 8, 2014, by Mike McNulty, in General News

JEP pilots its first semester introducing OT mini courses with great response from students

— Madison Aguirre MA ‘14

April marks the start of OT Awareness Month. But, what is OT? As a second-year master’s student in USC’s Division of Occupational Science (OS) and Occupational Therapy (OT), I am quite familiar with this question. According to USC’s Division of OS and OT, the purpose of occupational therapy is to optimize people’s engagement in the ordinary and extraordinary activities of daily life. Participation in these activities, or occupations, affects a person’s well-being and life satisfaction. Occupational Therapists (OTs) enable people, regardless of gender, age, health, culture, religion, and capabilities, to participate in the activities they find meaningful. OTs work in almost limitless contexts and environments; my particular interest lies in school-based practice.

Read the full article (PDF) published in USC’s Joint Educational Project Newsletter for Spring 2014.