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USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
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Minor in Occupational Science
Curriculum and Requirements

Students begin by completing the gateway course, Introduction to Occupational Science (OT 250), that is offered every semester, and continue with the selection of other courses from the list below for a total of 20 units.


  • OT 250 (4 units): Introduction to Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

An additional 16 units from the following:

  • OT 101 (2 units): Caring For Your Self: Engaging in Healthy Habits and Routines
  • OT 251 (4 units): Across the Lifespan: Occupations, Health and Disability*
  • OT 280 (2 units): Essential Occupations of Emerging Adulthood
  • OT 300 (4 units): Occupational Expressions of Diverse Identities and Lifestyles
  • OT 310 (2 units): Creativity Workshop
  • OT 312 (2 units): Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle
  • OT 320 (4 units): The Nature of Human Occupation: Form, Function, and Meaning
  • OT 325 (4 units): The Brain: Mind, Body, and Self
  • OT 330 (4 units): Perspectives on the Daily Life of Families
  • OT 333x (4 units): Sports Ethics
  • OT 340 (4 units): Occupational Foundations of Human-Animal Interaction
  • OT 350 (4 units): Disability, Occupation, and the Health Care System
  • OT 355 (2 units): Occupational Reconstructions and Social Transformations
  • OT 360 (4 units): Creating the Self through Narrative: Acts of Life Story Production
  • OT 370 (4 units): Understanding Autism: Participation Across the Lifespan
  • OT 375 (4 units): The Narrative Structure of Social Interaction: Narrative, Healing, and Occupation

Read Course Descriptions on our website or see the USC Catalogue.

Course offerings vary each semester. For next semester’s offerings, see the USC Schedule of Classes, or our current courses page.

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If you have additional questions about course content, please contact Dr. Catherine Crowley, Director of the Minor in Occupational Science program.