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The 27th USC Chan Occupational Science Symposium

Occupations Reconfigured
Video Submissions

The theme of the 2021 USC Chan Occupational Science Symposium is Occupations Disrupted: Pandemics and the Reshaping of Everyday Life, and will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the shape of everyday occupations and intersected with overlapping crises related to systemic racism and inequalities.

The USC Chan Global Initiatives will coordinate two ‘social sessions’ to be held during the Symposium, providing opportunities for participants to dialogue, network, and reflect on their experiences throughout the day. As a part of the social sessions, we will be producing a video, featuring Symposium participants’ personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to invite you to submit a short video in which you share the ways your occupations have evolved and changed over the course of the pandemic. Submissions may showcase the occupation itself (i.e., video of you performing the occupation) or you may speak to your experiences as they relate to the topic. Your video submission will be used to highlight the diversity in how we each have uniquely adapted to these drastic changes in our everyday lives.

Sample Videos

The two sample videos shown below illustrate example form and content which would be suitable for your submissions.

Video Submission Guidelines

You can also download these guidelines in PDF format.


  1. Videos should not exceed 1 minute in length.
  2. Videos should be submitted in mp4 format.
  3. Videos can be recorded in any language.
    • We ask that all submitters also provide English subtitles (even if your video is in English). If you are unable to add subtitles to your video, please submit the subtitle script when you submit your video (see below).
  4. The video’s topic should relate to how you have changed/adapted your occupations during the COVID-19 pandemic. These questions can help guide you in thinking about what to speak about in your video:

    1. Did you adapt any of your existing occupations? How did you do so?
    2. Were you unsuccessful in adapting any of your existing occupations?
    3. How have the changes to occupation, brought upon by the pandemic, affected your local community?
    4. What was the biggest disruption and/or challenge you experienced in your own life during the pandemic?
    5. What did it mean to you to reconfigure your occupations?
    6. How have you coped with the changes?
    7. Did you try something novel that you would have never done prior to the pandemic?
    8. What occupational opportunities have you lost during the pandemic? How has that affected you?
    9. What does it mean to you to be an occupational being, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    10. What have you learned about yourself in the process of reconfiguring (or trying to reconfigure) occupations?
    11. How has your understanding of occupations deepened or changed as a result of your own experiences during the pandemic?
  5. You do not need to introduce yourself in your video recording, as we will be listing your name, affiliation and country of residence in text on your video. If you would still like to include a verbal introduction in your video, you are welcome to do so.

Tips on How to Record the Video

  1. Good lighting:
    1. If indoors, please record in a well-lit room;
    2. If outdoors, please record with the sun facing you and the camera lens facing away from the sun.
  2. Camera orientation: Please record your video in landscape orientation. Please see the image below for reference.

    video orientation

  3. Please make eye contact with the camera.
  4. Please speak at a slower pace so that the audience can comfortably understand your speech.
  5. Set your camera against a stable support or have someone record your video for you.
  6. Please record your video in a quiet environment with minimal background distractions. Please pay particular attention to ambient sounds such as car traffic.

Steps for submitting your video

  1. Download and complete/sign the video release form.
  2. Submit your video and signed video release form (and, if you are providing one, your subtitle script) at forms.gle/URxQJGYodBh24U3X9.

Please submit/upload your video and signed video release form, by Monday, October 18, 2021. Please contact Prutha Satpute at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you have any questions.