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Trojans Talk OT Podcast

Trojans Talk OT is a podcast series designed by students and faculty of the USC Chan Division to inform and entertain occupational therapy practitioners, students, educators, and our friends; and to bring the voices of leaders, innovators and advocates in the field to a wider audience.

Episode 6
“The Longest Year” — a hospital-based occupational therapist reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic

20m 37s

For so many frontline health clinicians around the nation and world, 2020 felt like the longest year of their entire careers. From the earliest hints of coming calamity in the spring, to receiving her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in December, hospital-based occupational therapist and University of Southern California faculty member Carnie Lewis looks back at “The Longest Year.” Published in the Fall 2020/Winter 2021 issue of the USC Chan Magazine.

Episode 5
Dilemmas of Disability: Language, Media, and Perceptions, Part 3

21m 9s

Part 3: Allison Cameron Gray, a talented young actress/comedian, uses humor to influence perceptions of disability.
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Episode 5
Dilemmas of Disability: Language, Media, and Perceptions, Part 2

24m 29s

Part 2: We hear excerpts from a panel at Writers Guild of America, West on the portrayals of people with disabilities in television and film. This panel titled, People First: Real Disabilities, Reel Stories, was presented by Hollywood, Health & Society, a program of the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center.
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Episode 5
Dilemmas of Disability: Language, Media, and Perceptions, Part 1

23m 49s

In this three-part episode, we explore the dilemmas surrounding disability. Our student producers, Alyssa Concha, Robert Russow, and Carly Wasserman, discuss the way we talk about disability and how it is portrayed in media with Ann Neville-Jan and Allison Cameron Gray.

Dedicated to Dr. Ann Neville-Jan and her family.

Part 1: Dr. Ann Neville-Jan talks about language and disability. She shares stories from her experiences living, working, and teaching as a woman with a disability.
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Episode 4
Innovative Access: Beyond getting in the door

28m 48s

This short podcast highlights the innovative work of Roger Ideishi and Ingrid Kanics, two creative OTs collaborating with organizations outside of the healthcare field. We learn how OTs make great advocates for creating a more culturally rich and accessible community experiences for children with disabilities and their families. We hope you are inspired by the work of these great OTs!
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Episode 3

20m 30s

This short podcast takes a close look at the OTAC Conference experience from the student perspective. We feature several interviews with students coming in from all over California representing Milligan College, the University of Southern California, San Jose State University, and the University of St. Augustine. We also hear from OTAC’s Alann Salvador and USC’s very own Sarah Kelly.
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Episode 2
Not all fun and games, but kind of…

13m 55s

This is the first of a series of podcast shorts (20 min or less) about conference experiences. This episode focuses on the Expo at the OTAC conference this past October. We hear about exciting new products in the world or rehab, and a reminder that OT associations are always there waiting for us to jump in and get involved. Conferences have a lot to offer… take a listen!
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Episode 1
A Conversation with Dr. Samia Rafeedie

1h 7m 50s

Episode 1 features Dr. Samia Rafeedie, a clinical professor of Occupational Therapy at USC. The three-part interview begins with a discussion regarding membership in professional organizations. Dr. Rafeedie passionately breaks down how other practices are infringing the domain of occupational therapy and calls to action everyone who has not yet joined AOTA or their state organization to help save the profession.