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The Help Group – USC Occupational Science Initiative develops virtual supports for students, families and teachers >
The Help Group and USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy are collaborating on an exciting new project that will benefit our students, teachers, and families while providing an educational training experience for USC graduate students.
The Help Group | August 21, 2020

“A Father-Daughter Duo Walks into a Bar…”
The Tahara family — including Jill Tahara MA ’15, OTD ’16 — celebrates Father’s Day at their Little Tokyo restaurants.
May Zeng, Heidi Carreon and Mick Trinidad, in The Rafu Shimpo: Los Angeles Japanese Daily News | June 16, 2020

From pain and intimidation to purpose and belonging: One first-gen student’s path to USC Dornsife
As a teenager, Jasmin Sanchez suffered a painful medical emergency that taught her to stand up for herself. Now the first-generation college student is a USC Dornsife undergrad determined to advocate for others.
Susan Bell, in USC Dornsife News & Events | April 13, 2020


USC Study Shows Occupational Therapy Helps Diabetes Patients Make Lifestyle Changes that Can Prevent Serious Health Complications
The pilot study is the first to be completed under a novel academic-government collaboration between the SC CTSI, the UCLA CTSI, and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Paul Karon, in Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute | November 8, 2019

Optimism could lead to a healthier heart
Chantelle Rice Collins comments on an analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which found optimism to be associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular events.
Luke Scorziell, Paloma Chavez, Vincent Leo, and Awo Jama, in USC Annenberg Media | October 1, 2019

Column: Gentrification opened a rift between an L.A. church and a children’s center. Can they both survive?
Growing pressures from gentrification are affecting neighborhood institutions across Los Angeles — such as Atwater Park Baptist Church, which was founded in 1923, and Atwater Park Center, an early childhood intervention program started by church members in 1968 where USC Chan faculty member Kate Crowley offers occupational therapy consultations — learning to give-and-take in the face of current sociocultural and economic changes.
Nita Lelyveld, in Los Angeles Times | August 30, 2019

TEDxAlmansorPark — Occupational Therapy and Neuroplasticity After Brain Injury
Shawn Phipps, PhD, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA tells the inspirational story of the challenges and triumphs of a patient who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle accident.
Shawn Phipps, PhD, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA, in TEDx Talks | May 29, 2019

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder make up 12% of disabled student population at El Camino College
The type of assistance that is needed by students with autism varies from person to person and depends on the proactiveness of the student to request accommodations, but sometimes, schools fail to meet every accommodation needed by some students, Tracy Jalaba an assistant professor of clinical occupational therapy at USC told The Union.
Rosemary Montalvo, in El Camino College — The Union | May 29, 2019

How to Choose a Bicycle When You Have Ankylosing Spondylitis
It’s important to consider both your physical needs and how you plan to use your bike.
Quinn Phillips, in everydayhealth.com | May 21, 2019

Obtiene la maestría en USC con el apoyo de la Iniciativa Vecinal para niños del sur Los Ángeles
Viviana Padilla inició sus esfuerzos escolares de la mano de su padre hace 17 años; el ya no vivió para verla terminar sus estudios / Viviana Padilla began her scholastic efforts with the guidance of her father 17 years ago; He did not live to see her finish her studies
Araceli Martínez Ortega, in La Opinión | May 7, 2019

Is there a link between gut bacteria and autism? A first-of-its-kind study investigates
Backed by a Department of Defense grant, USC and UCLA researchers will explore gastrointestinal bacteria’s potential role in children with autism spectrum disorder.
Mike McNulty, in USC News | May 2, 2019

How intelligent workstations will use AI to improve health and happiness
Do you want to be warm or cold? Is it time to stand rather than sit? An interdisciplinary team — made up of designers and USC professors — is using AI to create tech-savvy desks with health and well-being in mind.
Jamie Wetherbe, in USC News | April 25, 2019

Championing High-Quality Care: Integrating Assessments Into Occupational Therapy Acute Care Practice (AOTA.org log-in required)
Stephanie Tsai and Elyse Peterson, in OT Practice | March 21, 2019

Reading, Writing, and Resilience
In the face of a student mental-health crisis, a few colleges are putting wellness into the curriculum
Terry Nguyen, in The Chronicle of Higher Education | February 26, 2019

New course on thriving at USC and beyond earns rave reviews
In a low-stress class geared toward incoming freshmen, students develop skills to lead balanced and fulfilling lives
Eric Lindberg, in USC News | February 14, 2019


Group Helps Get Kids With Autism Get Through Dental Visits
Research study changes exam room to be more friendly for children on autism spectrum
KCBS2-TV/KCAL9-TV | June 8, 2018

How Virtual Avatars Help Stroke Patients Improve Motor Function
At USC, Dr. Sook-Lei Liew is testing whether watching a virtual avatar that moves in response to brain commands can activate portions of the brain damaged by stroke
S. C. Stuart, in PCMag.com | March 8, 2018

Shared database of brain images aims to boost stroke patients’ recovery
Brain scans from stroke patients are being downloaded by researchers around the world to predict the most efficient therapies
Zara Greenbaum, in USC News | February 21, 2018

Occupational therapy can improve health of young adults with diabetes, USC study shows
Research participants who completed the program improve their quality of life and good health habits
Mike McNulty, in USC News | February 1, 2018


App will be created to increase physical activity of older adults
Maya Zaleski, in Daily Trojan | October 27, 2017

New smartphone app developed at USC aims to support fitness among older adults
Designed to boost physical activity, the app is seen as a key step to advancing mobile health technology
Mike McNulty, in USC News | October 24, 2017

VR could trick stroke victims’ brains toward recovery
Researchers at the University of Southern California are examining how virtual reality could promote brain plasticity and recovery
Abrar Al-Heeti, in CNET | October 15, 2017

REINVENT: Leveraging Virtual Reality and Neurofeedback to Help With Motor Rehabilitation
IEEE Xplore | August 16, 2017

Occupational Therapy Helps Young Adults With Diabetes
Miriam E. Tucker, in Medscape | June 21, 2017

Using virtual reality — and mom’s sewing machine — for stroke rehab
Sook-Lei Liew builds a prototype with a laptop, an off-the-shelf VR rig, a $9 swim cap and a brain-computer interface system
Katharine Gammon, in USC News | June 12, 2017

Baby Driver, Mr. Roosevelt top SXSW audience award winners
Nick Romano, in Entertainment Weekly | March 18, 2017

As The World Of VR Descends On SXSW, Here Are Six Must-See Experiences
Seth Porges, in Forbes | March 8, 2017


Neuroimaging helps reveal brain-body links in autism research
Researcher uses state-of-the-art techniques to assess the brain’s ability to turn sensory information into a motor response
Mike McNulty, in USC News | April 26, 2016

Can virtual reality neurofeedback help stroke survivors recover?
USC researcher Sook-Lei Liew receives American Heart Association Innovative Research Grant to find out
John Hobbs, in USC News | February 1, 2016

Can pictures prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?
Using sonographic imaging, a USC professor seeks to detect the earliest signs of the disorder
Breanne Grady, in USC News | January 21, 2016


Beth Pyatak Is A Type 1 Diabetes Researcher, D-Wife And New D-Mom…
Arden's Day and The Juicebox Podcast | September 29, 2015

Can researchers enhance the dental experience for children with autism?
Record-setting grant will help USC division study sensory stimuli that lessen a child’s anxiety during oral care
Mike McNulty, in USC News | June 15, 2015


Hong Kong Tops List of Foreign Donors to U.S. Schools
Chan Brothers' Gifts Latest Examples of Generosity from 'New York of Asia'
Jason Chow, in The Wall Street Journal | September 22, 2014

Hong Kong’s tycoon philanthropist Ronnie Chan
Juliana Liu, in BBC News | September 19, 2014

Chan Family Makes Another U.S. University Donation — Hong Kong Billionaire Ronnie Chan to Donate $20 million to University of Southern California
Hong Kong Billionaire Ronnie Chan to Donate $20 million to University of Southern California
Jason Chow, in The Wall Street Journal | September 18, 2014

Chan family gift creates first named, endowed occupational therapy program in nation
The $20 million gift establishes an occupational therapy initiative in China and Florence Clark is installed as first holder of Mrs. T.H. Chan Professorship
Jessica Raymond, in USC News | September 17, 2014

Self-care among Latinos with diabetes studied
Elizabeth Pyatak seeks ways to make health an everyday habit for teens and young adults
Paul Karon, in USC News | September 11, 2014

An alumna banks on surfing’s power to heal traumatized veterans
The feat of standing up on 
a board and riding a wave may empower people to overcome mental, emotional or physical challenges
Christina Schweighofer, in USC News | August 13, 2014

Children with autism dread the dentist, but USC research may help
Sharon Cermak wants to make the experience more kid-friendly
Rob Russow, in USC News | April 25, 2014


Keep your friends close, but …
Robert Perkins, in USC News | October 16, 2013

USC study charts exercise for stroke patients’ brains
Robert Perkins, in USC News | June 11, 2013

Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy kicks off $6 million initiative
Mike McNulty, in USC News | April 29, 2013

Learn to be more understanding by watching The Bachelor (this season, anyway)
Robert Perkins, in USC News | January 23, 2013


USC Occupational Therapy celebrates 70 years of service
Mike McNulty, in USC News | November 26, 2012

Do you like me now?
Suzanne Wu, in USC News | October 5, 2012

Trojan gets firsthand look at nation’s defense systems
Mike McNulty, in USC News | August 30, 2012

Florence Clark shines in national spotlight
Mike McNulty, in USC News | May 1, 2012

Autism symposium highlighted by personal experiences
Mike McNulty, in USC News | March 16, 2012

Scientists search for source of creativity
Robert Perkins, in USC News | March 5, 2012

Professional Help: 5 Tips for Senior Citizens on Simple, Healthy Living
Hans Villarica, in The Atlantic | February 10, 2012

Expert lectures on multisensory integration
Kimberly Perring, in USC News | January 23, 2012


Five Scholars Join Faculty at Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Alix Sleight, in USC News | October 19, 2011

Grant Awarded to Study Dental Environments
Vivian Tang, in USC News | October 12, 2011

Occupational Therapy Holds First White Coat Ceremony
Kimberly Perring, in USC News | September 1, 2011

Strategies to Help Manage Diabetes
Robert Perkins, in USC News | July 25, 2011

USC Researchers Explore the Source of Empathy in the Brain
Robert Perkins, in USC News | July 18, 2011

Active Life Helps Prevent Health Decline in Seniors
Robert Perkins, in USC News | June 8, 2011

Picture Your Relationship to the Boss
Suzanne Wu, in USC News | February 16, 2011


Occupational Therapy Shows Support on Veterans Day
Austen Taylor, in USC News | November 23, 2010

Brain Finds Gestures Not So Familiar
Carl Marziali, in USC News | September 29, 2010

No Rest for the Narcissist
Carl Marziali, in USC News | September 17, 2010

Sing-Song Speakers and Measures of Empathy
Allison Bond, in USC News | August 11, 2010


Clark named president of Occupational Therapy Assn.
Faryl Reingold, in USC News | March 27, 2009

Florence Clark Elected to New Post
Faryl Reingold, in USC News | March 13, 2009


There Are Ways to Deal With Pressure
Beth Newcomb, in USC News | September 15, 2008

USC study analyzes use of therapy dogs for rehabilitation of autistic patients
Beth Newcomb, in USC News | July 11, 2008

New seminar series focuses on rehabilitation science
Beth Newcomb, in USC News | May 2, 2008


USC occupational therapy experts caution against unhealthful habits
Meghan Lewit, in USC News | November 30, 2007

Lifelike Sculptures Shape 65th Anniversary
Veronica Jauriqui, in USC News | November 28, 2007


To the brain, words speak as loud as actions
Carl Marziali, in USC News | October 6, 2006

Two Depts. Realign Under School of Dentistry
Victoria Newcomer, in USC News | July 17, 2006

Florence Clark elected vice president of American Occupational Therapy Association
Jon Nalick, in USC News | March 24, 2006

Reasons for Living Where You Work
Allison Engel, in USC News | February 22, 2006


NIH awards $2.5 million for health-care study of ethnic minorities
Kathleen O'Neil, in USC News | October 21, 2005

Janice Matsutsuyu, USC occupational therapist, 71
USC News | July 15, 2005


American Occupational Therapy Assn. honors USC professor Ruth Zemke
Alicia Di Rado, in USC News | November 5, 2004

Elder Research Gets $2.2 Million Grant
USC News | October 15, 2004

Program to delay age-related health deficits receives $2.2 million grant
Alicia Di Rado, in USC News | October 8, 2004

U.S. News ranks Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy among the best
USC News | April 2, 2004

USC bestows its highest honor on occupational therapy leader
USC News | March 5, 2004


Occupational therapy study shows effectiveness of lifestyle redesign for seniors
Alexis Bergen, in USC News | September 13, 2002


Department of Occupational Therapy chair honored by peers for lifetime achievement
USC News | November 9, 2001

Occupational science researchers examine management of pressure sores
USC News | September 21, 2001

Occupational Therapy program is best in U.S. – again
Mary Ellen Stumpfl, in USC News | April 6, 2001

Occupational Therapy May Offer Lasting Benefits to Seniors
Alicia Di Rado, in USC News | February 19, 2001

Occupational therapy appears to offer lasting benefits to seniors
Alicia Di Rado, in USC News | January 26, 2001


OT faculty ink one of 1999’s top health publications
USC News | June 23, 2000


OT house relocates to Centennial Apartments near UPC
USC News | April 9, 1999


Occupational therapy chair named to NIH rehabilitation panel
Cynthia Johannssen, in USC News | December 11, 1998

OT students go ape over famed primatologist
USC News | October 9, 1998

OT Program Tops Rankings of Graduate Schools
Zsa Zsa Gershick, in USC News | March 16, 1998


Occupational Therapy Helps ‘Well Elderly’
Eva Anderson, in USC News | October 27, 1997

Study shows big benefits from OT
Eva Emerson, in USC News | October 24, 1997


Linda Fazio’s life’s work: a tapestry woven for many children
USC News | September 8, 1995


OT Wins Major Grant to Study Wellness in Elderly
Michael Byrne, in USC News | June 27, 1994