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News and Events

Chan Division News

Pursuing research for the OTD

Student Ambassador Etta interviews Meghan Neureither about her work as an OTD Resident.

Why did you pick the research track? I chose the research track because I have always had an interest in research, but was not sure about committing myself to a four-year PhD program. Working in research has been incredible, and allowed me to think on the larger scale, and bigger picture. It is… Read more

The Doctor(ate) is in

As many of our Accelerated Master's to OTD students begin to plan for the doctoral program next year, four current OTD students — Kaitlyn Cruz, Laryssa Green, Keilani Phillips, and Phillip Lee — discuss their experiences with our Student Ambassador Etta.

Why did you decide to pursue your OTD? Kaitlyn: I decided to pursue my OTD for many reasons: to advance the profession of occupational therapy, to lay down a foundation to be a leader in the field, to progress towards my future goals and to overall prepare me as the best clinician I can possibly be.… Read more

New course on thriving at USC and beyond earns rave reviews

In a low-stress class geared toward incoming freshmen, students develop skills to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.

By Eric Lindberg / USC News Debbie Lee didn’t realize how much she was ignoring her health and wellness. The USC junior has a packed schedule — serving as president of the undergraduate student body and volunteering with a Christian ministry on campus while pursuing her political science major.… Read more

For faculty with OT spouses, love actually is all around

Collaboration with Katie Jordan, Kim Lenington and Danny Park Edited by Joyce Yoo Have you ever wondered what it would be like, both personally and professionally, to date or marry a fellow occupational therapist? Would it affect how you manage your household? Or how you raise children? Three USC… Read more

China Initiative scholars at the halfway point of their USC journey

By Evan Nicholas Yijun “Jane” Liu and Hui “Angela” Wang knew they were in for an adventure when they accepted a 2017 offer to become USC Chan’s China Initiative Scholars. As such, Yijun and Hui will earn both master's and clinical doctorate degrees at USC before accepting positions in… Read more

DEA Committee brings fresh perspective to the issue of diversity in the Chan Division

By Evan Nicholas It’s widely accepted that institutions of higher learning have an ethical obligation to promote diversity, but a growing body of evidence suggests that, within healthcare professions, diversity is much more than a moral issue. In the United States, people of color still die most… Read more

How to THRIVE in 2019

© / Adobe Stock Ashley Uyeshiro Simon, OTD, OTR/L, MSCS Are you sick of making resolutions that you never stick to? Associate Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy, Ashley Uyeshiro Simon, OTD, OTR/L, MSCS, shares with us a few strategies to jumpstart your new year to not… Read more

Election Q&A with Katie Jordan

Katie Jordan (Photo by Glenn Marzano) Katie Jordan, associate chair of occupational therapy clinical services and clinical professor, has officially announced her candidacy in the 2019 elections held by the American Occupational Therapy Association. Jordan is running for the position of Director to… Read more

Bodison to receive AOTF Ayres Award

Award recognizes career-long dedication to the science and practice of sensory integration and processing.

Stefanie Bodison Assistant Professor of Research Stefanie Bodison ’92, MA ’93, OTD ’10 has been named the 2019 recipient of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation's A. Jean Ayres Award. The Ayres award recognizes commitment to research-related development or testing of occupational… Read more

On its 20th anniversary, “Occupation as Ends, Occupation as Means” as relevant as ever

How the 1998 article explained occupation-based practice to a generation of clinicians and students.

By Evan Nicholas MA ’19 Julie McLaughlin Gray (Photo by Hannah Benet) Julie McLaughlin Gray's now-familiar article, "Putting Occupation into Practice: Occupation as Ends, and Occupation as Means," turns 20 years old this year. During the past two decades, this seminal work has captured attention… Read more

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