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DREAmS Lab — Amber Angell and Camille Parchment

Dr. Amber Angell and Camille Parchment, OTD, Presenting on Autistic Healthcare Utilization

In the DREAmS (Disparity Reduction and Equity in Autism Services) Lab, we aspire to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity for all individuals on the autism spectrum and their allies.

We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, students, and volunteers, and we use a range of health services research methods and designs, including surveys, large data analysis of health records, in-depth qualitative methods, and mixed methods approaches.

Rooted in occupational science theories and scholarship, DREAmS Lab projects are also influenced by dissemination and implementation science, disability studies, and public health; community engaged and participatory research approaches; and the disability rights and neurodiversity movements.

Our research focuses on groups of autistic people that are under-identified with autism, under-represented in research, and under-served in health systems. Current projects focus on autistic girls and women, autistic Latinx children and their families, and LGBTQIA+ autistic adults.

DREAmS Lab Mission Statement

We aim to identify, measure, understand, and reduce disparities in autism diagnosis and services.

To achieve this aim, we strive to:

DREAmS Lab Core Values

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