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For Families
Study Participation

Who can participate?
Our current research studies are geared toward families with at least one child 6-16 months of age. The insp!re lab has opportunities for participation for families who speak English, Spanish, and/or Chinese.

What do I do?
If you fit these criteria and are interested in learning more, the first step is to check out our current studies and decide if you would like more information about participation:

You can also go to our research page to learn more about all the active projects going on in the insp!re lab!

Where is the lab?
The insp!re lab space is on the USC Health Sciences Campus in the Center for Health Professions (CHP), Room 110. Find directions and maps.

Why is my participation important?
Your family’s participation is key to help us better understand development. By choosing to participate in research, you have the opportunity to contribute to advancing knowledge of individual differences in normal development and early risk signs for neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. The earlier we identify warning signs, the sooner we can offer support to families and children who need it. We hope you will also learn more about your child’s development along the way!


If you have concerns about your child, the best first step is to discuss them with your child’s primary care provider. Additionally, you can directly contact your local Regional Center to request a developmental evaluation for your child. If you would like to learn more about red flags in child development, you can refer to the “Reasons for Concern” brochure from the California Department of Education and the Department of Developmental Services. Below you can find a list of resources you can explore to get connected and support your child’s development.