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About Us

About Us

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Human life comprises hundreds of daily activities that occupy our waking hours. These activities—defined as “occupations”—have a profound impact on how we feel physically, emotionally, socially and even spiritually. They can provide a sense of satisfaction and well-being but they can also create stress, imbalance and dissatisfaction. While they do include professional, employment and work activities, occupations encompass more than just a person’s career because people of all ages, cultures and capabilities engage in occupations. Occupational therapy is the profession concerned with promoting health and well-being through engagement in everyday activity, while occupational science is the study of the phenomena of occupation.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a health care profession aimed at improving performance, preventing illness and disability and promoting adaptation to life changes. In this interdisciplinary field, occupational therapists help all people—those with and without disabilities—to realize healthier, happier and more productive lives. With demand for health care services anticipated to be strong throughout this decade, occupational therapy is also a secure career choice. In fact, the profession of occupational therapy has recently been named the:

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Occupational Science

Occupational Science is the scientific study of human activity. This academic discipline generates knowledge about the impact of occupation on the health of individuals, communities, nations and the world. Devoted to supporting clinical practices of occupational therapy through scientific research, occupational science draws upon multiple disciplines (such as education, physiology, pediatrics, gerontology, etc.) to understand the underlying, diverse forces that shape occupation, as well as the effect of occupation on our health and well-being.

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