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SADE-2 Dental Study for Children with Down Syndrome

What is the Sensory Adapted Dental Environments (SADE-2) Down Syndrome Dental Study?

It is three related research studies that examine sensory processing and oral care in children with Down syndrome (DS). You may participate in one or more of these studies.

Study 1 — Survey (recruitment completed)

  1. Looking for 150 parents of children with DS ages 5-14 to complete a survey about how children with DS experience information from their senses, and
  2. factors that make dental care easier or harder for children with DS.

This takes about 20 minutes. At the end of the survey, we will ask you for your email address so we can send you a $15 Amazon gift card to thank you. We won’t share your personal information with anyone else; you can ask us to update/delete it at any time. Read our general Privacy Policy here.

Click here to take the survey

Study 2 — Focus group

Looking for 12 parents of children with DS ages 6-12 to participate in a small group discussion about oral care for children with DS and your child’s sensory and dental experiences.

This takes about 2 hours. You will receive $50 cash.

Study 3 — Dental cleaning in a new dental environment

Looking for 16 children with DS ages 6-12 to receive a free dental cleaning at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) in a special sensory environment which includes a sensory adapted room with special lights, music, and a blanket to help children relax during dental cleanings.

This study will include two visits; one at your home or library or CHLA in which you will complete questionnaires about your child’s oral care and sensory issues, and the other at the Dental Clinic of CHLA where your child will get his/her teeth cleaned. You will receive $25 for the first visit and $50 for the second visit.

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