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Undergraduate Minor in Occupational Science

Dating, working, exercising, socializing — these and thousands of other activities define our lives. As humans, we have a unique drive to remain “occupied” during our waking hours. Studies show that we are most fulfilled and healthy when involved in activities that have purpose and importance.

As a student in the Occupational Science Minor Program, you will join the world’s newest social science in studying the nature, function, and meaning of human activities (occupations). You will:

  • Gain new insights into what it means to be human
  • Learn ways to enhance health and wellness through occupation
  • Develop leading edge skills that will better prepare you for a career in your chosen field

Why Minor in Occupational Science?

A minor in Occupational Science:

  • Offers practical strategies for designing a healthy and satisfying personal lifestyle
  • Provides cutting edge knowledge on the key elements of healthy living, such as productive, social, physical and creative activities, healthy eating patterns, social support and exercise
  • Prepares you for careers in community service, health care, education, medicine, psychology and social work
  • Positions you to apply to a master’s or doctoral program in Occupational Therapy or to a PhD program in Occupational Science

Enhancing Your Major with an OS Minor

A minor in Occupational Science will uniquely compliment and enhance your major. For example, if your major is:

  • Anthropology, Sociology or Psychology
    You will explore what it means to be human and how personal identities, cultures and communities are constructed through occupations.
  • Theater, Music or Fine Arts
    You will gain insights into human motivation and self-expression.
  • Engineering or Architecture
    You will learn how to enhance optimal functioning of individuals and communities in personal and public spaces.
  • Gerontology or other Health Sciences
    You will examine how occupations can promote health or facilitate recovery from illness and disability.
  • English or Communication
    You will discover how personal narrative and stories guide the choices we make in carrying out our occupations and creating our daily lives.

A Day in the Life of an Occupational Science Minor Student

Experience a day in the life of Caroline Kim, an Occupational Science minor student.

Contact Us
Explore how a minor in Occupational Science could support your personal and professional goals by contacting our Admissions Team, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

How to declare a minor in Occupational Science
Students wishing to declare a minor in Occupational Science should send an email request — including their USC ID number — to our Admissions Team, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).