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Lifestyle Redesign for Chronic Conditions (LRCC)

Health Core ⟩

The Lifestyle Redesign® for Chronic Conditions (LRCC) Lab, led by Dr. Beth Pyatak, explores the impact of chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis on health and well-being. Our research particularly focuses on addressing the needs of populations that are medically underserved or at an elevated risk for poor health and quality of life.

Research conducted in our lab focuses on:

  • Identifying unmet needs among individuals with chronic conditions which are potentially amenable to occupational therapy intervention;
  • Developing and evaluating intervention approaches to address these needs;
  • Identifying strategies to widely disseminate these interventions to positively impact population health and well-being;
  • Using a variety of qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, and translational research methodologies to explore these questions.

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