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Scholarships and Financial Aid
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USC Programs

In addition to scholarships and other awards, USC also offers a number of programs to provide additional financial support to students, such as those listed below.

Tuition Reimbursement Deferment
Students whose employers pay at least 75% of the tuition at the end of the term are eligible to apply for Tuition Reimbursement Deferment. Your supervisor or personnel officer needs to write a letter, on company letterhead, each semester indicating the percentage of tuition your organization will cover. This letter is to be submitted to the Cashier’s Office when settling your fees. You will need to pay one fourth of your tuition and related fees plus a non-refundable 4% service charge on the deferred amount when applying for this deferment. The balance of your tuition will be deferred until January 25 for fall term and April 25 for spring term. Additional information may be obtained from

USC Cashier’s Office
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
(213) 740-7471

USC Payment Plan
The USC Payment Plan enables the participant to cover the cost of tuition, mandatory fees, lab fees, USC room and board charges with 10 equal monthly installments from August 1 to May 1. Applications should be submitted by July 15. The application requires a nonrefundable $50 fee. For more information, students should contact

USC Payment Plan
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1054
(213) 740-4077

Resident Coordinator or Graduate Resident Advisor
To be a Head Resident or Graduate Advisor includes room and board plus varying tuition and stipend amounts. Applicants must have management and leadership ability; residential or Greek life experience is required.  Student would be working in undergraduate residence halls or in campus fraternities. Students who are interested should apply directly to

Office of Residential Life
University of Southern California
Student Union Room 200
Los Angeles, CA 90089-4892
(213) 740-2080

Collegiate Choice Student Loan
The Collegiate Choice Student Loan is a low interest loan provided by the USC Credit Union. The Collegiate Choice Student Loan can be used to pay for the total cost of education, less other financial aid, with an aggregate maximum of $75,000 for undergraduate students and $150,000 for graduate students. Students should use this loan to supplement all other financial aid options as necessary, including federal student loans. The interest rate is variable, with an annual adjustment cap of 2% and lifetime adjustment cap of 7%. The Academic Rewards Program allows students to reduce their interest rate by up to 1% based on their cumulative GPA. Payment on the Collegiate Choice Student Loan must begin within a 6-month grace period beginning right after the student graduates and repayment must be completed within 25 years.

Other Financial Aid Programs

The USC Financial Aid website has many resources including financial literacy tools. Graduate students have a variety of options to help fund their studies and are advised to contact the Financial Aid office on the USC Health Science Campus, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), for any questions regarding loans or federal aid.

Federal Aid

To apply for all federal financial aid at USC, follow the steps listed below. Keep copies of all documents for your records. Applicants who meet all deadlines and who plan to enroll for at least 8 units per semester will be considered for the Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan and Federal Work Study programs. Students should visit USC Financial Aid for further details or assistance.

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Complete a FAFSA using best estimates of students’ (and spouses’) previous year taxable and untaxed income. File the FAFSA online at studentaid.gov/fafsa. Use USC’s federal school code: 001328. Submit the FAFSA application to the federal processor and the online Enrollment and Housing Form to USC Financial Aid. Students can also obtain a paper copy of the FAFSA from their local college and mail it to the federal processor.

Note: Students who miss any of the financial aid deadlines will still be considered for the Federal Stafford Loan program. Continuing graduate students also need to complete and submit a FAFSA application and Enrollment and Housing Form to the USC Financial Aid Office

Federal Work Study
The Federal Work Study Program, a federally funded program, provides part-time employment opportunities to qualified graduate students. The student may work up to 20 hours per week for an on- or off-campus employer in an approved federal work-study job. Payment is made for the amount of hours worked, up to the award amount. Awards range from $800 to $3,500 per year. You are automatically considered for the Federal Work Study program if you complete your financial aid application by the established deadline and meet all the eligibility requirements.

Federal Stafford Student Loan (Unsubsidized)
The Federal Stafford Loan program is a low-interest, long-term federal loan program that provides assistance to both students who demonstrate need as well as to students who are either not eligible for need-based aid or who wish to supplement their need-based aid with further funding. The interest rate is variable, not to exceed 8.25% for graduate/professional students. Students who demonstrate need and meet all eligibility requirements may borrow up to $8,500 per academic year under the Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan program. Most students can take out up to $12,000 Unsubsidized Stafford for a total of $20,500 in Stafford per year. Payment on the interest is not due immediately, but the interest will begin accruing immediately. The student has the choice to pay interest while enrolled. Repayment of principal and interest for the Subsidized Federal Loan begins six months after the borrower ceases to be enrolled at least half time. Students who do not demonstrate financial need or who wish to supplement their Federal Stafford Loan may borrow up to $18,500 per academic year. For the Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan, interest payment begins immediately unless the student chooses to capitalize the accrued interest at repayment. Payment of principal, however, usually begins six months after the student ceases to be enrolled at least halftime.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan
The Federal Graduate and Professional Student PLUS Loan is a low-interest, federally-backed student loan guaranteed by the US Government. The Grad PLUS Loan can be used to pay for the total cost of education less any aid you’ve already been awarded. Also, like the undergraduate version, eligibility for the Graduate PLUS Loan is largely dependent on the borrower’s credit rating and history, as opposed to the purely need-based Graduate Stafford Loan. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled at least half-time, must be a US citizen or permanent resident, and must have already borrowed the maximum in Federal Stafford Loan. The borrower must file the FAFSA prior to applying, and must meet federal minimum credit criteria. The current interest rate (2023–2024) is fixed at 8.05%. Payment on the Grad PLUS Loan begins right after the student graduates or drops below half-time.

Note: You may be eligible for a very beneficial loan repayment program.  Please see ibrinfo.org.

California State Support

The Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP)
The Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program offers up to $30,000 in loans for new or continuing full-time students pursuing doctoral degrees at various universities (including USC) who are interested in a faculty career at a CSU campus. After completion of the doctoral program, 20% of the loan is forgiven for each year of full-time faculty service at a CSU campus. Deadline is in early spring. For more information, see calstate.edu/csu-system/faculty-staff/cdip.

California State Graduate Fellowship
US citizens or legal residents of California who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue recognized graduate degrees in California and demonstrate their intent to become a college or university faculty member are eligible. Awards vary and all applicants indicate interest on their FAFSA application no later than the early March deadline. Information is available from CSAC, the Financial Aid Office, or the CSAC website.

Private Financial Support

A number of financing programs are available to help you meet your educational expenses. USC participates in a number of long-term loan programs and offers a short-term monthly payment plan. Each year you may apply for financing to fund any difference between the financial assistance you receive and the actual cost of attending USC. These programs are described in detail on the USC Financial Aid website.

Additional Sources of Information

Every effort has been made to present accurate information. The content of this publication is subject to change due to alterations in federal, state, university, or lender policy or procedure. The following resources may be helpful in obtaining information on awards that are more applicable to your background:

American Occupational Therapy Association






US Department of Education

(At AOTA’s website you will find information on OT scholarships, and scholarships for the general student population and for minority students, plus financial aid; also contains details on scholarship and job opportunities especially for minority students.)