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Post-Professional Doctorate (OTD)
of Occupational Therapy
About OTD Residencies

Post-Professional OTD students complete a residency in one of our four leadership tracks:

  • Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Research
  • Policy and Administration
  • Education

There are:

  • residency opportunities within the USC Chan Division;
  • external residency opportunities that students coordinate on their own; and
  • external residency opportunities shared directly with the OTD Program Director.

Seasoned practitioners in the program often choose to complete their residency at their current site of employment.

View the Residency Outreach and Selection Process

USC Chan Residencies

All information, including details regarding financial support, is updated every August and subject to change each year.

Advanced Clinical Practice Track (Chan Residencies)

Clinical Research Track (Chan Residencies)

Policy and Administration Track (Chan Residencies)

Education Track (Chan Residencies)

External Residencies

External residencies are typically found in one of two ways:

  • You coordinate your residency yourself. Most sites hire residents at a competitive OTR/L rate, or offer financial support in the form of a stipend or scholarship. You have the flexibility to negotiate your compensation at your external residency site if you are coordinating your placement. It is possible to use your workplace as your residency site and your site can be out of area.
  • You apply for and are offered a residency placement at a site that is communicated through the OTD Program Director. Please note that the same sites do not provide a residency placement each year, and the timing of their availability and interview protocol also changes. We are able to provide a representative list of previous sites for your reference, but if you are interested in a residency at one of these sites, please wait for information to be communicated from the Program Director as it becomes available. The Program Director will forward all opportunities to current Master’s students as soon as they are received.

Previous external residency sites communicated through USC Chan, include:

Advanced Clinical Practice Track (External Residencies)

Policy and Administration Track (External Residencies)