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News and Events

WFOT Congress 2022

The 18th WFOT Congress was held in Paris from Aug. 28-31, 2022. The International Congress is held every four years and brings together occupational therapists, assistants and students from across the globe to develop professional fellowship, exchange technical and scientific information and promote high standards of occupational therapy practice, research and education worldwide.

The 2022 Congress featured unique social events, local tours, an extensive exhibition and program of expert presentations on the theme of “Occupational R-Evolution.”

USC Faculty, Staff Members, Current Students and Alumni Presenters/Speakers

Joy Agner | Mechanisms linking occupation and health among individuals with severe and persistent mental illness: Insights from the Clubhouse model [poster]

Joana Akrofi | Decolonization of occupational therapy: A Ghanaian perspective

Rebecca Aldrich | Revolutionizing occupational therapy education in response to intersecting pandemics: Developing a new special topics course to meet emergent teaching and learning needs

Amber Angell | “We’re just willing to try anything and see where it goes” : Shared decision-making among Latinx families of children with autism using traditional and complementary medicine | Occupational therapy for children with autism during the COVID-19 pandemic: What have we learned about telehealth? [poster]

Arameh Anvarizadeh | Establishing best practices for holistic admission within occupational therapy educational programs to advance diversity and inclusion in the profession

Karla Ausderau | Characterizing feeding challenges in children with autism spectrum disorders and the association with parent and child outcomes | Congenital zika virus exposure impacts rhesus macaque neonatal neurobehavior [poster]

Nancy Bagatell | Engaging in practice-based enquiry to reconceptualize and reclaim occupation-centered practice

Grace Baranek | Parents and Infants Engaged (PIE): A novel home-based early intervention supporting caregiver responsiveness to sensory reactivity and preverbal cues for infants at risk for autism

Tracy Becerra-Culqui | Transgender peoples’ comfort with how others perceive their gender identity and association with outness and perceived treatment: Implications for work and school participation

Amber Bennett | e-Professionalism in a time of increased digital communication

Jeanine Blanchard | Lifestyle redesign for wellness, health promotion and disease management: Evolution and application in clinical settings [Pre-Congress Workshop]

Sarah Bream | Lived experiences of international students during their transition to graduate level occupational therapy education and daily life in the United States [poster]

Zipporah Brown | The undervalued impact of occupational therapy on the quality of life of formerly homeless women now living in permanent supportive housing [poster]

Sharon Cermak | Occupational balance of college students during a pandemic: Mental health and well-being [poster]

Megan Chang | Relationships between sensory processing patterns and emotional distress on sleep in older adults [poster] | Influence of sensory processing differences on resilience and perceived stress in young adults [poster]

Chantelle Rice Collins | Closing the gap: Creating a plan to disseminate Lifestyle Redesign outcomes [poster]

Nora Dixon | The role of outpatient occupational therapy in gender-affirming care for trans clients

Bryant Edwards | Leading through change: Expanding our practice to lead through an occupational lens | Revolutionizing occupational therapy through a global pandemic [Pre-Congress Education Day]

Yiyang Fang | Developing a quality evaluation method for occupational therapy patient education materials: The case of carpal tunnel syndrome | Using job task analysis to tailor the Revised Strain Index to a specific occupation for valid and convenient ergonomic assessment [poster]

Lucía Floríndez | Gaps in oral care knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Latinx parents/caregivers of children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders

Yoko Fukumura | Artificial intelligence to support worker health, well-being, and participation: Using an occupational lens for workplace technology development | Supporting health and well-being when working from home: Lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic [poster]

Julie Gray | Collaborative design and cultural adaptation of an entry-level master’s curriculum in occupational therapy to develop socially responsive leaders: An educational partnership between the United States and China

Ashley Halle | Occupational therapy’s role in a multi-site, interprofessional post-COVID recovery clinic

Raymond Hernandez | Validation of a single activity item to assess daily time use in the Ecological Momentary Assessment context [poster]

Lucy Hosoda | Facilitating occupational engagement through telehealth in the era of COVID-19 [poster] | Zoom into clinical remote learning: Occupational therapists adapt to the pandemic by training students virtually [poster]

Yan-Hua Huang | Factors that correlate with and predict caregiver burden in intergenerational Asian American caregivers

Brittany Inouye and Abraham Ramirez | Effects of distance learning on international students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jeanne Jackson | Designing PhD curriculum for occupational science: The outcome of a 3-year project to advance education and practice in Europe

Tracy Jalaba | Addressing health management deficits in adults with mental health conditions [poster] | Lifestyle Redesign® for college students: Approaches and outcomes [poster]

Jennifer Jones | Therapist & client perspectives on decolonizing occupational therapy: From independence in bathing to a disability perspective YouTube Channel [poster]

Katie Jordan | Are we essential? Occupational therapy in crisis [poster]

Kelcie Kadowaki | Increasing the visibility and accessibility of occupational therapy services to college students through on-campus primary care consultations | Clinical and curricular occupational therapy interventions for the medical student population [poster]

Mary Khetani | A structured process for culturally adapting assessments for participation-focused pediatric practice: The case of the Participation and Environment Measures (PEM) [poster]

Tomoko Kondo | Meaningful occupations for Japanese family members who live with people with disabilities: Occupational narratives [poster]

Sheama Krishnagiri | Improvising life for health and well being in the era of a global pandemic

Elizabeth Larson | Hearing all voices: A participatory action project to design an equitable health-promoting outdoor space inclusive of girls’ interests for a diverse low-Income middle school | 5Minutes4Bienestar: Tailoring an occupation-based wellness program for Latinx college students [poster]

Mary Lawlor | Transforming Research: Understanding Sensory Experiences in ASD, Stakeholders Working Together (TRUST)

Ingrid Leu | The two percent: Advocating for occupational therapy’s role in mental health practice in the United States [poster]

Carnie Lewis | Addressing systematic racial inequities in COVID-19 acute care [poster]

Yijun Liu | The model of occupational harmony: An Eastern perspective on occupational balance to promote health and wellbeing | Promoting mental wellbeing in university students through enhancing occupational harmony [poster]

Katherine Loomis | An exploration of therapist patient relationships in outpatient physical rehabilitation

Marissa Marchioni | Designing for diversity and health [poster]

Jenny Martínez | Advancing inclusive occupational therapy research via stakeholder engagement | Activism and occupation: Advancing equity research and practice [poster]

Erin McIntyre | “Meeting our students where they’re at”: Applications of trauma-informed care to occupational therapy education

Jenna Mele | Preventing burnout and cultivating leadership using the OT Practice Framework [poster]

Mariah Morris | Going global: How the COVID-19 pandemic transformed a graduate occupational science course into a global classroom

Bethrese Padini | Facilitating wellness, belonging, and empowerment through occupational therapist-led peer mentorship program for university students with disabilities

Karen Park | Trauma informed teaching and cultural taxation in occupational therapy education | Student advising, reflective practice and The Kawa Model [poster]

Kristy Payne | “What OT is and can be”: Facilitating social transformation among low income culturally diverse teens through an emerging adulthood program

Terry Peralta-Catipon | Collective occupations in migrant adaptation amid an occupationally unjust world

Kelsey Peterson | Promoting occupational therapy’s role in multidisciplinary discharge planning for COVID-19 patients [poster] | Establishing novel telehealth care in the United States in the era of COVID-19 from a palliative oncology, neurodegenerative, and pulmonary perspective [poster]

Elizabeth Phelps | Occupational deprivation, COVID-19, and prisons: Deepening our understandings to support practice [poster]

Allison Phillips | Investigating the development of children in rural Armenia with an adapted version of the CDC Developmental Milestones Checklist [poster]

Whitney Pike | Surviving influenza-related critical illness: A case report [poster]

Bobbi Pineda | The implementation of a novel OT sensory-based intervention program in NICU’s across the world

Beth Pyatak | Addressing chronic conditions in primary care: Practice-based evidence for Lifestyle Redesign occupational therapy | Lifestyle redesign for wellness, health promotion and disease management: Evolution and application in clinical settings [Pre-Congress Workshop]

Samia Rafeedie | Revolutionizing occupational therapy through a global pandemic [Pre-Congress Education Day]

Jessica Richman | Practicing what we preach: Considering personal occupations in OT practice [poster] | Intentional self disclosure: The hows and whens in OT practice [poster]

Marinthea Richter | Teamwork in action: Social network analysis of an occupational therapy team in an acute care setting in South Africa [poster]

Shawn Roll | Well-being and inclusion in the built environment: Integrating an occupational perspective into an emerging transdisciplinary field

Clarissa Saunders-Newton | Occupational Science 2.0: Shifting the paradigm in occupational therapy education to support social transformation theory, research and practice

Stacey Schepens Niemiec | Lifestyle redesign for wellness, health promotion and disease management: Evolution and application in clinical settings [Pre-Congress Workshop]

Emma Schiewe | Addressing lifestyle interventions to improve quality of life throughout the cancer continuum [poster]

Kathryn Sorensen | Revolutionizing fieldwork: Inclusion and supporting students with disabilities

Sandy Takata | A timeline for tendon healing: Using sonography to support upper extremity rehabilitation [poster]

Heather Thomas | Use of the OT Practice Framework and the WFOT Occupational Narratives Project to teach occupational analysis | Preventing burnout and cultivating leadership using the OT Practice Framework [poster]

Li Shan Wee | The Peer Exchange: A student-led initiative for fostering cultural responsiveness and professional collaboration between occupational therapy students in China and the United States

Bill Wong | Person first language and identity first languages: What have we been teaching our present and future OT practitioners on autism? | Virtual TEDx events- Why should OT students and practitioners take part in organizing? [poster]

Buwen Yao | Occupational therapy student health and extracurricular activity participation: Necessitating the focus of well-being within occupational therapy education [poster]

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