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Research Priorities

TRUST Research Priorities

This stakeholder engagement project was designed to generate research priorities with the autism community related to sensory processing differences, promote research engagement, and develop resources to facilitate building trust and participation across multiple stakeholder groups. This document summarizes the processes used to develop these priorities and provides both within group and across group recommendations.

Guiding Principles for Research Priorities

In the process of developing research priorities focusing on sensory processing, the group identified core principles for research practices that emphasize inclusivity, representation, and diversity, and acknowledge the centrality of sensory processing to learning, development, sociality, and engagement. The objective for developing these principles is to foster research that seeks to ameliorate (make better or improve) the knowledge gaps that have resulted from sampling strategies that have excluded, or minimally included, sub populations in this heterogeneous community.

Therefore, we are recommending that the following characteristics of the population, key aspects of lived experience, and methodological approaches be incorporated in future research endeavors.


Lived Experiences


Stakeholder Groups Top Priorities

Top 5 Self Advocate Priorities

Top 5 Priorities for the Family and Caregiver Groups

Top 5 Clinician Group Priorities

Top 5 Researcher Group Priorities

Pictorial Representations of Combined Priorities

Top Priority Per Stakeholder Group

Second Top Priority Per Stakeholder Group