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Trojans Talk OT

Trojans Talk OT is a podcast series designed by students and faculty of the USC Chan Division to inform and entertain occupational therapy practitioners, students, educators, and our friends; and to bring the voices of leaders, innovators and advocates in the field to a wider audience.

Podcast Objectives

  • To promote USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and showcase its commitment to innovative research, education and clinical practice.
  • To educate the general public about occupational therapy as well as foundations of the practice and profession, to uplift occupational therapy as an innovative, collaborative, and significant profession in transforming health and well-being through meaningful occupations.
  • To amplify traditionally marginalized voices.

As well as listening to episodes of the Trojans Talk OT podcast here, you can subscribe using Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Latest Episode

The Longest Year Became Even Longer: OT’s Treatment Development of Long COVID w/ Dr. Jamie Wilcox
The pandemic led a lot of healthcare workers into uncharted territory and even more so when long COVID brought patients to search for answers at healthcare facilities where they didn’t quite exist yet. Listen to this episode where Elaina interviews Dr. Jamie Wilcox, a recognized leader in COVID-19 and post-COVID care about long COVID and OT’s role in treating its impact on clients’ daily occupations.


Trojans Talk OT, Season 2: 2022 –

Trojans Talk OT, Season 1: 2014 – 2020

Elaina Rodriguez Garza — Co-Host

Elaina Rodriguez Garza

Elaina Rodriguez Garza is a recent graduate of USC Chan’s MAOT program and current student in USC Chan’s Post-Professional OTD program. She claims her southern roots and is a proud 3rd generation Tejana. She also self-identifies as a granddaughter/daughter, sister, sorority sister, friend, Air Force brat to Army officer, roller gal, singer, amateur dancer, research nerd, flower lover, snake mama, spiritual being, and mental health advocate. Before joining the field of occupational therapy, Elaina graduated from the illustrious Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Since being at USC, Elaina has been able to contribute to important work as a research assistant with the Lifestyle for Chronic Conditions Lab and is still connected with the research lab through her doctoral residency position in a primary care clinic at LAC USC Medical Center.
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Elissa S. Lee — Co-Host

Elissa S. Lee

Dr. Elissa S. Lee is a proud daughter of immigrants; she is also a sister, a grandchild, a cousin, a caregiver, a friend. In her attempts to improve health equity and make the world a kinder and braver place, other titles she holds include: health care journalist, chronic care researcher, occupational therapy clinician, nonprofit consultant, dancer, and amateur cook. Lee completed her MA and clinical doctorate in occupational therapy at USC, studying chronic care management amongst historically excluded and medically underserved populations, with the USC Lifestyle Redesign for Chronic Conditions lab. For her work, she was named a Student Innovator by the Gehr Family Center for Health Systems Science and Innovation. She is also a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a major in psychology and minors in disability studies; dance and performance studies.
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