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News and Events

Previous Symposia

24th Symposium: “Sensory Integration at the Crossroads: Diverse Perspectives in Occupational Therapy Research”
November 7, 2013
Wilma West Lecturer: Ellen S. Cohn

23rd Symposium: “Autism in Everyday Life: Interdisciplinary Research Perspectives at USC”
March 9, 2012
Keynote Speaker: Catherine Lord
Wilma West Lecturer: Susan Knox

22nd Symposium: “USC’s Science of Everyday Living: A Foundation for Ethical, Culturally Sensitive, & Evidence-Based Practice”
March 27, 2010
Keynote Speaker: William Morgan
Wilma West Lecturer: Sharon Cermak

21st Symposium: “The Intersection of Self and Context: The Changing Landscape of Rehabilitation Science”
March 27, 2009
Keynote Speaker: Jin-Shen Lai
Wilma West Lecturer: Lena Borrell

20th Symposium: “Autism in Everyday Life: An Interdisciplinary Venture”
March 7, 2008
Keynote Speaker: Sally J. Rogers
Wilma West Lecturer: Grace Baranek

19th Symposium: “Health and Wellness: Interdisciplinary and Global Connections”
March 29 and March 30, 2007
Keynote Speaker: Carol Ryff
Wilma West Lecturer: Hans Jonsson

18th Symposium: “Intersecting Interests in Health Care: Occupational Science and Interdisciplinary Collaboration”
March 3, 2006
Keynote Speaker: Carolee Winstein
Wilma West Lecturer: Linda Tickle-Degnan

17th Symposium: “The Brain, Emotion, and Occupation”
February 18, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Antonio Damasio
Wilma West Lecturer: Ruth Zemke

16th Symposium: “Creating an Academic Discipline that Supports Practice”
January 16, 2004
Keynote Speaker: Andrew Abbott
Wilma West Lecturer: Zoe Mailloux

15th Symposium: “The Spheres of Rehabilitation: Body, Mind, and Social Structures”
January 17, 2003
Keynote Speaker: Margaret G. Stineman
Wilma West Lecturer: Betty R. Hasselkus

14th Symposium: “Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy: The Making of Community”
January 26, 2002
Keynote Speaker: Charlene Haddock Seigfried
Wilma West Lecturer: Mary Law

13th Symposium: “The Biological Basis of Occupation”
October 26 and October 27, 2000
Keynote Speaker: Ann Neville-Jan
Wilma West Lecturer: Lela Llorens

12th Symposium: “The Engaged Self”
September 30 and October 1, 1999
Keynote Speaker: Eliot Mishler
Wilma West Lecturer: David Nelson

11th Symposium: “Play: Occupations for a Lifetime”
March 20, 1998
Keynote Speaker: Brian Sutton-Smith
Wilma West Lecturer: Anita Bundy

10th Symposium: “Narrative and Identity”
March 21, 1997
Keynote Speaker: Jerome Bruner
Wilma West Lecturer: James Papai

9th Symposium: “Occupation in the Everyday Lives of Children”
April 12, 1996
Keynote Speaker: Wendy Coster
Wilma West Lecturer: Elizabeth J. Yerxa

8th Symposium: “Toward a Philosophy of Occupation”
March 31, 1995
Keynote Speaker: Stephen E. Toulmin
Wilma West Lecturer: Ann Wilcock

7th Symposium: “Promoting Children’s Well-Being: Occupational Science and Health Care Policy”
April 5, 1994
Keynote Speaker: Thomas Weisner
Wilma West Lecturer: Mary Foto

6th Symposium: “Narrative and Action”
April 14, 1993
Keynote Speaker: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Wilma West Lecturer: Lela Llorens

5th Symposium: “The Links Between Occupation Science and Occupational Therapy: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”
September 25, 1992
Keynote Speaker: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Wilma West Lecturer: Charles Christiansen

4th Symposium: “The Human as an Occupational Being: The Link Between Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy”
June 22 and June 23, 1991
Keynote Speaker: Mary Catherine Bateson
Wilma West Lecturer: Linda Florey

3rd Symposium: “Ecology and Occupation”
June 4, 1990
Keynote Speaker: Stephen Hawking
Wilma West Lecturer: Anne Henderson

2nd Symposium: “Co-Occupations of Infants and Mothers”
April 28, 1989
Keynote Speaker: Jane Goodall
Wilma West Lecturer: Janice Burke

1st Symposium: “Perspectives on Early Intervention and Adolescent Transitions”
May 19 and May 20, 1988
Keynote Speaker: Florence Clark
Wilma West Lecturer: Nedra P. Gillette