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USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
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Volunteer Opportunities for Students

COVID update
USC has made the decision to finish the academic semester online or remotely. Remote volunteer opportunities may be available; please inquire with the contact provided. Please visit USC’s official website for university updates regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Various opportunities are made available to current students interested in gaining direct experience conducting research, including contributing to the work of funded laboratories and scholarship of faculty members. If you are interested in volunteering to learn more about research or are considering a career in science, please contact faculty members directly to learn more.

Research Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 Time Use and Occupational Balance: Mental Health and Well-Being in College Students During a Pandemic

Healthy Aging Research & Technology (HART) Lab

Smartphone Intervention for Underactive Older Adults with and without Memory Difficulties

Strategies For Optimizing mHealth Technology for Use in Older Adults with MCI and Dementia: A Rapid Review of the Literature

¡Vivir Mi Vida! Lifestyle Intervention to Optimize Health Outcomes in Latino Patients

A Comparative Evaluation of Mobile Activity Monitors during Daily Tasks

Sensory Adaptations in Dental Environments Lab

Sensory Adapted Dental Environment to Enhance Oral Care in Children

Test-retest reliability of the Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (Little DCDQ)