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News and Events

USC Chan Magazine
Fall 2023 / Winter 2024

Cover article

Growing by Design ⟩

by Mike McNulty MA ’09, OTD ’10
Photos by Hannah Benet

When designing the USC Peace Garden, landscape architect Daniela Velazco prioritized people and planting.

Featured article

New Team Challenge Looking to Change the Game ⟩

by Katherine Dumangas MA ’22, OTD ’23

The inaugural gamechanger team-based challenge finds new ways of moving academic knowledge into the real world to benefit people’s everyday lives and occupations.

Featured article

Mitigating On-the-Job Stress ⟩

by Mike McNulty ’06, MA ’09, OTD ’10

Shawn Roll leading interdisciplinary team on $1.1M National Science Foundation grant for managing and mitigating on-the-job stress using artificial intelligence.

Featured article

International Study Shows Link Between Brain Age and Stroke Outcomes ⟩

by Sidney Taiko Sheehan

A USC-led team of researchers find that brain age, a neuroimaging-based assessment of global brain health, may play a role in post-stroke outcomes and could potentially help identify people at risk for poorer outcomes.

Research Buzz

Beyond the Spectrum ⟩

by Ellie Taylor PhD ’25

Rethinking autism research from the perspective of an autistic researcher.

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USC Chan Magazine, Fall 2023 / Winter 2024