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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions

1.1. How do I become a licensed occupational therapist in the United States? show >

1.2. What is the difference between the Bachelor’s-to-Master’s, Post-Professional Master’s, and Entry-Level Master’s programs, and how do I know which program to apply for? show >

1.3. What is the difference between the OTD and PhD degrees? show >

1.4. What is the difference between the Research Track in the OTD and the PhD program? show >

1.5. Is there a limit to how many times I can take the GRE? show >

1.6. Where can I find the tuition and fees for attending USC? show >

1.7. Are scholarships and financial aid available? show >

1.8. Is it recommended that students work during the program? show >

1.9. How can I find the semester schedule? show >

1.10. How can I purchase a parking pass? show >

1.11. Do students receive free membership to the on-campus gym? show >

1.12. How can I purchase USC Football Tickets? show >

1.13. Does USC have a student newspaper? show >

1.14. How can I find the contact information for a faculty or staff person at USC? show >

1.15. Is there on-campus housing for graduate students? show >

1.16. Is there public transportation in Los Angeles? show >

2. Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program

2.1. Can I apply to this program as a freshman? show >

2.2. Can I apply to the bachelor program as a transfer student? show >

3. Entry-Level Master’s Degree Program

3.1. Does USC offer a part-time entry-level master’s degree program in occupational therapy? show >

3.2. Is there a minimum score required for the GRE? show >

3.3. What type of degree will I be working toward if I am admitted to the program? show >

3.4. Is volunteer experience required? show >

3.5. Can pre-requisite courses be in progress while applying to the program? show >

3.6. When will I be notified regarding whether or not I have been selected to complete a Phase II video for my application? show >

3.7. When does the program start? show >

3.8. What is the difference between electives and core courses? show >

3.9. How much hands-on experience is available to me while I am in the program? show >

3.10. How are fieldwork placement sites chosen? show >

3.11. How many hours of fieldwork are required? show >

4. Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Program

4.1. Do I need to have a master’s degree in OT in order to apply to the OTD program at USC? show >

4.2. Are international opportunities available? show >

4.3. Will I get paid for my residency? show >

4.4. How much time will I be spending at my residency? show >

4.5. Is it ok if my residency site hires me for over 20 hours per week? show >

4.6. Am I allowed to work outside of my residency site? show >

4.7. Does my residency site preceptor need to be an occupational therapist? show >

4.8. Does my residency site preceptor need to have a doctorate degree? show >

4.9. How do I select my USC faculty mentor? show >

4.10. Does my USC faculty mentor need to have experience related to the work that is being done within the context of my residency? show >

4.11. Are any OTD courses offered online? show >

4.12. May I complete the OTD program on a part-time basis? show >

4.13. Does the division offer scholarship support? show >

5. Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational Science (PhD) Program

5.1. What is the minimum requirement for the GRE? show >

5.2. What are the current research studies in which the USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy is involved? show >

6. International Students

6.1. What resources does USC Chan provide to support international students? show >

6.2. Do I need to take the TOEFL? show >

6.3. What do I need to do after I get admitted to USC? show >

6.4. How is the teaching style at USC different from international schools? show >

6.5. What is the H1B Visa and which companies will sponsor it? show >

7. COVID-19 Questions

7.1. How do I receive updates related to COVID-19? show >

7.2. Are classes going to be in-person? show >

7.3. What does fieldwork look like during this time? show >

7.4. What platform is USC Chan using for remote instruction? show >