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Ruisheng Yun 贠瑞生 OTD ’22

Ruisheng Yun 贠瑞生 OTD ’22

Hometown: ShanXi, China
Program: Post-Professional OTD, Class of 2022


Residency Focus: Pediatrics

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
你在哪里获得你的本科学士学位, 主修什么专业?

I received my bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation therapy from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What do you like about occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a profession of love and magic. It can not only provide a better life for our clients but also for ourselves. I really like how occupational therapy has made me more of an empathetic and creative person.

What are some memorable moments from your residency experience?

I still remember the day when a young boy with a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome came to Momentum Pediatric Therapy Network, where I am pursuing my clinical practice residency focus, to meet his new occupational therapist. It was his birthday, but he was so frustrated and disinterested in anything we tried to do with him. We observed him lying on the floor on his stomach and rubbing himself on the floor repeatedly. So, we tried to give him some proprioceptive input and expose him to a rich sensory experience. The highlight of my residency experience was when the boy engaged in the activities gradually and had fun with us.
我刚到Momentum Pediatric Therapy Network实习不久,在某一天参与了一个被诊断为唐氏小男孩的作业治疗。夏季更换的作业治疗师对于他来说是陌生的,因此他非常沮丧,对任何事情都不感兴趣。我们观察到他趴在地板上,反复地摩擦着自己,猜想这可能是一种对感官体验的寻求动作。因此,我们试图给他一些本体感觉的输入,让他接触丰富的感官体验。渐渐地,这个男孩逐渐参与到活动中并与我们一起玩耍。我想这就是我实习经历的高光时刻。

How do you plan to advance OT in China?

I plan to apply my education and practice in every setting in China, especially in mental health settings. After I was offered a job position at the Peking University 6th Hospital, I always thought about how to promote the health and equity of all people with mental health disorders. Recently, I discovered the possibility of creating a virtual space, similar to that of a hospital environment, for people with mental health disorders to perform their roles and prepare themselves to return to their occupations.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?

Baking and playing board games with my friends are some of my favorite occupations.