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Lifestyle Redesign® for Smoking Cessation

Occupational therapists recognize that many people who smoke or use tobacco products feel a tension between the desire to quit and the challenges of actually doing it. So many factors contribute to the difficulty of overcoming your cravings. With the support of an occupational therapist, you will break down your own smoking triggers, and learn and implement strategies for better managing them. With your OT, you will discuss the role that smoking plays in daily life, find healthy substitutions and make a plan to quit and stay quit.

Occupational therapists guide you through the process of quitting with compassion and an understanding of how health, environment and behavior interact to form habits. In addition to creating an individualized plan to quit smoking, you will have the opportunity to develop new habits and routines, and explore meaningful activities to promote physical and mental well-being. If you are interested in nicotine replacement therapies, our therapists can also collaborate with your pharmacy and provide education to support their safe and effective use.

We can help you to:

  • Understand tobacco dependence and related conditions
  • Analyze the cues in daily life that trigger your cravings
  • Develop strategies for preventing and managing your cravings
  • Learn how to effectively manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Explore healthy substitutes for smoking and meaningful leisure activities
  • Manage your health while engaging in social activities
  • Develop strategies for managing withdrawal symptoms
  • Learn strategies to support consistent medication and adherence to nicotine replacement therapy
  • Prevent weight gain
  • Improve energy levels and focus in daily activities
  • Learn how to be more mindful in daily routines to support long-term changes


View/download the Lifestyle Redesign for Smoking Cessation brochure.

Lifestyle Redesign for Smoking Cessation

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