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Patient Care

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Lifestyle Redesign® for Gender Affirmation

For many trans and gender non-conforming individuals, accessing the activities that affirm their gender and help them feel like themselves can be challenging. With the added barriers to engaging in gender-affirming activities, individuals may feel isolated, dysphoric, and unsafe, all of which may have an impact on their mental and emotional well-being.

Occupational therapists support clients in identifying the variable and unique strategies that will help to address gender dysphoria, optimize participation in gender-affirming routines, and maximize safety and health promotion. Through a holistic, collaborative approach, our OTs provide an individualized plan that allow clients to self-reflect, problem-solve, and integrate new skills and strategies into their daily routines, in order to empower them to affirm their gender in a safe and meaningful way.

We can help you:

  • Build skills for self-advocacy and make decisions about disclosure
  • Manage stress, anxiety, dysphoria, or other mental health concerns
  • Address social, dating, or intimacy anxiety
  • Develop safe, meaningful routines around grooming, hygiene, and dressing
  • Safely engage in gender-affirming activities (e.g., tucking, binding, and/or use of prosthetics) and thus prevent certain infections or injury
  • Integrate post-surgical precautions, if you have chosen to undergo gender-confirming surgery
  • Learn strategies to manage chronic conditions
  • Create health-promoting routines to support restorative sleep, healthy eating, and physical activity


View/download the Lifestyle Redesign for Gender Affirmation brochure.

Lifestyle Redesign for Gender Affirmation

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