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Patient Care

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About Lifestyle Redesign®

Lifestyle Redesign® is a type of occupational therapy that guides you through the process of creating habits and routines that are personally meaningful and health promoting. Our expert clinicians start with the basic principles of healthier lifestyles, and then help you create customized plans to achieving your health goals while supporting you every step of the way. Changing behaviors takes time, and is a complex process. But we know that lifestyle choices directly influence the state of our physical, mental, cognitive and emotional health.

USC’s Lifestyle Redesign occupational therapists begin with a thorough evaluation of your current lifestyle, including your medical history, current symptoms, medications and services provided by other healthcare professionals. You and your OT will discuss anything related to your diagnosis or reason for referral. Then you will discuss your typical daily and weekly routines in order to better understand how you currently occupy your time, as well as lifestyle components such as eating patterns and habits, physical activity levels, stress coping strategies, sleep routines and time management skills. At the end of the evaluation, you and your OT will collaboratively set personally meaningful goals which become the focus of ongoing sessions (see specific programs for more details).

In follow-up sessions, you and your OT work toward your individual goals with a focus on education, problem solving and increasing self-awareness. As experts in healthy lifestyles, meaning and engagement, our OTs provide you with opportunities to learn more about yourself, how you want to live your life and what it means to truly take care of yourself.

Our Practice offers a number of Lifestyle Redesign programs that focus on specific areas:

Lifestyle Redesign for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Lifestyle Redesign for Chronic Headaches
Lifestyle Redesign for College Students
Lifestyle Redesign for Diabetes Management
Lifestyle Redesign for Epilepsy
Lifestyle Redesign for Ergonomics
Lifestyle Redesign for Gender Affirmation
Lifestyle Redesign for Health Coaching
Lifestyle Redesign for Hypertension
Lifestyle Redesign for MCAS and Dysautonomia
Lifestyle Redesign for Mental Health
Lifestyle Redesign for Multiple Sclerosis
Lifestyle Redesign for Neurological Conditions
Lifestyle Redesign for Oncology
Lifestyle Redesign for Pain Management
Lifestyle Redesign for Parkinson’s Disease
Lifestyle Redesign for Pelvic Floor Health
Lifestyle Redesign for Sleep Disorders
Lifestyle Redesign for Smoking Cessation
Lifestyle Redesign for Weight Management
Lifestyle Redesign and Hand Therapy Hybrid

The therapist gave me room, space, and time to share my personal stories and concerns. She believed in me.

— Participant, Lifestyle Redesign for Weight Management

This program was spectacular and met all my needs. I would recommend this program in a heartbeat. Thank you! I’m so happy that you were here to help me!

— Participant, Lifestyle Redesign for Weight Management

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