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Lifestyle Redesign® for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurological condition that can cause a variety of motor symptoms (for example, rigidity and tremor) and non-motor symptoms (for example, fatigue and cognitive changes). Most people living with PD experience challenges to the ways that they participate in their daily routines and meaningful activities. What may feel like a loss of independence can be an incredibly frustrating experience. However, working with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers and making lifestyle changes as part of a comprehensive plan, can help many living with PD to improve functional abilities and overall quality of life.

Through the Lifestyle Redesign program for PD, our occupational therapists collaborate with you and your loved ones to create a plan for a healthier lifestyle to support sustainable changes, improve activity participation, and manage PD successfully. You will learn how to manage symptoms and integrate physician recommendations into your daily habits and routines in order to cultivate a sense of empowerment for healthier living with PD.

We can help you to:

  • Learn how to manage fatigue during daily activities and routines
  • Develop sustainable exercise routines and eating habits
  • Analyze your home and community spaces and use equipment in order to minimize the risk of falling
  • Identify equipment and use strategies to better participate in fine motor activities
  • Learn behavioral strategies to improve safety during transfers and mobility
  • Use self-regulation strategies to address depression, anxiety, and motivation
  • Practice assertive communication and self-advocacy skills in home, workplace, and healthcare contexts
  • Learn behavioral and lifestyle strategies to better manage your bowel and bladder symptoms
  • Implement consistent nightly routines to improve the quality of your sleep
  • Use cognitive strategies that can improve your concentration, sequencing, planning, and memory


View/download the Lifestyle Redesign for Parkinson’s Disease brochure.

Lifestyle Redesign for Parkinson's Disease

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