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Patient Care

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Lifestyle Redesign® for Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging spaces, systems, and products so that they fit the person using them. In its simplest sense, ergonomics can help every person to better fit with the work they perform, in order to improve efficiency, productivity, and morale while decreasing risk of injury. When the risk of harm and discomfort is minimized from the spaces where you live and work, companies and individuals can experience significant benefits.

Our occupational therapists are experts in assessing the interaction between a person, their environment, and the activities that they want and need to perform. Our occupational therapists partner with you to accurately assess how a physical space, behavioral patterns, and tasks either promote or limit your comfort, productivity and well-being. Our occupational therapists provide education and concrete strategies to support a comfortable and customized ergonomic environment for you.

We can help you to:

  • Understand ergonomic principles and guidelines
  • Learn healthy posture habits and integrate them into your daily routine
  • Utilize your existing equipment to its best advantage
  • Adapt your workstation to support the management of pain and to minimize discomfort
  • Recommend additional supports and equipment that may improve your workstation
  • Assess shared spaces in order to reduce risk across groups
  • Schedule an educational workshop for your own small or large group

How it works (USC Employees Only)

  • Go to the USC Environmental Health & Safety website.
  • Click on “Complete an Ergonomic Assessment” and follow the prompts to complete an Ergonomic Self-Evaluation.
  • Review the recommendations and if you wish to request an in-person or remote ergonomic evaluation, click “Request Visit” at the top of the recommendations list.
  • Fill out the requested information regarding your work location and click “submit.”
  • Our office will receive your request, and we will contact you to schedule your in-person ergonomic workstation evaluation.


View/download the Lifestyle Redesign for Ergonomics brochure.

Lifestyle Redesign for Ergonomics

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