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Wen Guo 郭雯 OTD ’23

Wen Guo 郭雯 OTD ’23

Hometown: Hunan, China
Program: Post-Professional OTD, Class of 2023

家乡: 中国湖南
项目: 作业治疗专业博士,2023级

Residency Focus: Lifestyle Redesign
实习方向: 生活方式重建

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
你在哪里获得你的本科学士学位, 主修什么专业?
Zhengzhou University, Rehabilitation Therapy

What do you like about occupational therapy?
I like occupational therapy because it emphasizes the impact of daily activities and habits on health and well-being. As Dr. Gray said, ‘Occupation as ends, occupation as means’.
我喜欢作业治疗,因为它强调日常生活习惯对健康的影响。正如Dr. Gray所说:“作业,既是治疗的目标,也是治疗的媒介”。

What is the focus of your current residency?
In the OTD program, my clinical and research residency mainly focus on lifestyle management for chronic diseases. In the LRCC lab, I got a deeper understanding of the theoretical basis and research background of Lifestyle Redesign by participating in current research projects and preparatory work of certification courses. The clinic residency in the OTFP further broadened my horizons in clinical practice of Lifestyle Redesign in chronic diseases management. These valuable residency experiences will be of great help to my future clinical and research practice!

How do you plan to advance OT in China?
After the OTD program, I plan to work in cardiac rehabilitation to expand OT’s competence in this area. I will carry out lifestyle management services in cardiac rehabilitation and conduct related research to prove its feasibility and effectiveness after returning to China.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?
My favorite occupation is volunteering. In the process of volunteering, we can not only help others, but also gain a lot of warmth.