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Zhizhuo Wang 王志灼 OTD ’22

Zhizhuo Wang 王志灼 OTD ’22

Hometown: Fujian Province, China
Program: Post-Professional OTD, Class of 2022


Residency Focus: Musculoskeletal; Acute Rehabilitation

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
你在哪里获得你的本科学士学位, 主修什么专业?

I received my bachelor’s degree in sports rehabilitation from Tianjin Medical University.

What do you like about occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy captivates me due to its client-centeredness. It changes my way of seeing the patient not only with a biomechanical lens, but also with a holistic lens. Occupational therapy supports patients in doing what they like to do, want to do or are expected to do, which really means a lot to rebuild their new life. Furthermore, as an aspiring occupational therapist, I am proud of myself for choosing this profession as my lifelong career. Every time I see patients’ satisfied faces and hear them say “thank you”, I felt exuberant and could wait to see more. Occupational therapy resides in my heart.

What are some memorable moments from your residency experience?

There are some treasurable moments from my three different experiences including the leadership tracks of Education, Clinical Research and Advanced Clinical Practice. For my pedagogy focus, I worked with Dr. Samia Rafeedie in the OT 501 course and Dr. Myka Persson in the OT 260 course. During these two courses, I was totally astonished by their teaching styles, the lovely students, and active class environment. I still remember when I first stood in front of students to present a small lecture. The professors and students encouraged me a lot and my nervousness faded. For my research focus in the Neural Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation Lab (NPNL), I’ve met genuine peers and supervisors, and it’s been such an enjoyable time. For my clinical focus, I was super surprised by what OTs really do for patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit at the Keck Medical Center of USC. I hope that I can translate what I learned here back to China.
我在教学,科学研究,临床实践的领导力培养方向上都留下了宝贵的记忆。在作为助教期间,我先后与OT 501课程的 Dr. Samia Rafeedie 和 OT 260 Dr. Myka Persson 一起并肩作战,并为他们幽默风趣的教学方式,活泼可爱的学生,以及极具感染力的课堂气氛感到深深地震撼。我依稀记得我第一次站在学生面前进行部分内容讲授时,老师和同学们鼓励的眼神和话语让我的紧张感逐渐消退。在神经可塑性和神经康复研究所进行科学研究期间,我非常感谢热忱的导师和同伴们,正是你们的存在,让我度过了愉快难忘的研究时光。在临床实践方面,我对作业治疗师在Keck 医院急性期康复中为患者提供的作业治服务感到无比地震撼。我希望我能把我所见,所学及所悟带回中国,并开展适合中国临床环境的作业治疗服务。

How do you plan to advance OT in China?

When I return to China, I will act as a faculty member at the Fujian Medical University. Firstly, I plan to promote the education and teachings of occupational therapy. By doing so, I can support the cultivation of more and more professional occupational therapists. Secondly, I hope to conduct occupational science research to support evidence in its effectiveness. Last, but not least, I hope to participate in national and domestic conferences in order to promote occupational therapy among colleagues and the general public.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?

My favorite occupation is swimming. Although I just learned the breaststroke swimming technique, I enjoy the feeling of being in the water. It is a feeling of freshness, relief and peacefulness. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I had no opportunity to find a place to swim. However, I’ve grown to take a liking to jogging along the street in the morning or evening as an alternative.