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Eight faculty members, alums presenting at adult rehabilitation specialty conference
September 14, 2023

The American Occupational Therapy Association’s Adult Rehabilitation Specialty Conference to be held in mid-October.

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Eight USC Chan faculty members and alumni will be sharing their expertise at the upcoming adult rehabilitation specialty conference hosted by the American Occupational Therapy Association. The conference will be held Oct. 20-21 in Baltimore, Maryland.

“The AOTA adult rehab conference offers practitioners the opportunity to step away from the clinic to reflect, rethink and infuse new inspiration into their practice,” said Associate Clinical Professor Jamie Wilcox, who is presenting at the upcoming event. “AOTA conferences serve as a crucial venue for knowledge mobilization across health systems and geographic locations- with the potential to improve health outcomes of communities and populations at a national level.”

Scheduled presenters, their affiliations and respective conference session titles include:

The Vital Roles of OT Across the Lung Transplant Continuum (Concurrent 204)
Assistant Clinical Professor Lisa Semro MA ’20, OTD ’21
Assistant Clinical Professor Ellie Clark MA ’19, OTD ’20
Clinical Instructor Mireya Rodriguez MA ’22
Assistant Clinical Professor Ella Wilson ’21, MA ’22, OTD ’23
Associate Clinical Professor Jamie Wilcox MA ’13, OTD ’14

Occupational Therapy System of Care Within the Lung Transplant Continuum (Poster 101)
Ella Wilson
Jamie Wilcox
Mireya Rodriguez

Paired Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Post-Stroke (Poster 201)
Assistant Clinical Professor Lucy Hosoda MA ’16, OTD ’17

Clinical Reasoning Through a Rare Diagnosis: A Case Report on Lance-Adams Syndrome (Poster 205)
Lucy Hosoda

Exploring the Lived Experience of Liver Transplant Recipients in the Acute Recovery Phase: An Expansion of OT’s Role in Transplant Care (Poster 206)
Ellie Clark
Irene Lee MA ’22, OTD ’23
Clinical Instructor Cindy Luff