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Three faculty members on ballot in 2021 AOTA elections
January 6, 2021

Meet the Trojans looking to make a nationwide difference for the good of the profession.

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Editor’s update: According to election results released in late Jan., Anvarizadeh and Halle won election for their respective positions. Congratulations, and Fight On!

USC Chan faculty members Arameh Anvarizadeh, Sarah Bream and Ashley Halle are each running for volunteer leadership positions in the American Occupational Therapy Association. The 2021 election period is open to current AOTA members from Jan. 6–27 at aota.org (membership log-in required). These three qualified and passionate candidates explain, in their own words, why they are seeking elected office and how they see themselves impacting the national professional association.

Arameh Anvarizadeh for Vice President

Arameh Anvarizadeh

Director of Admissions and Associate Clinical Professor Arameh Anvarizadeh

“It’s time for us to walk the talk. With Vision 2025 approaching, the coming years must be focused on ways of actualizing its tenets. Restructuring governance, increasing diverse representation, protecting reimbursement and becoming action-oriented are the key challenges facing the association. Amidst two pandemics — COVID-19 and systemic racial injustice — occupational therapy practitioners have demonstrated our powerful role in maximizing the health of all people, populations, and communities. As Vice President, I look forward to using my volunteer leadership skills, my lived experiences, and my passion for our profession to build a better AOTA for the decade ahead.”

Sarah Bream for Director to the Board of Directors

Sarah Bream

Associate Chair of Academic & Community Program Support and Development, OTD Director and Associate Clinical Professor Sarah Bream

“I want to help to shape the trajectory of occupational therapy for the next decade. As an occupational therapist for 25 years, serving in leadership roles across clinical practice, administration, education and service, I have come to understand that leadership requires bold ideas, and more importantly, bold actions. I possess both the capacity to put forth an inspiring vision, and the skills to operationalize that vision into a tangible implementation plan. As AOTA Board Director, I will ensure our profession’s capacity to operationalize bold ideas into sustainable actions. Remaining resilient and united in our shared mission, the profession can become better than ever.”

Ashley Halle for Chairperson of the Home and Community Health Special Interest Section

Ashley Halle

Primary Care Residency and Services Coordinator and Associate Clinical Professor Ashley Halle

“I have worked in the area of home and community health for the past nine years with an emphasis on primary care, and at various locations and settings including federally qualified health centers, private practice, clients’ homes and an academic medical center. It is my dedication, experience and passion for working in this field that has motivated me to serve as HCHSIS Chairperson. I hope to continue to collaborate with, learn from, advocate for and support members working in the area of home health, home modification and community health, while also expanding our national efforts in primary care.”