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Buwen Yao 姚卜文 PhD ’22

Buwen Yao 姚卜文 PhD ’22

Hometown: Jilin, China
Program: PhD in Occupational Science, Class of 2022


Research Focus: My research focuses on the integration of rehabilitation medicine with musculoskeletal ultrasound. I am exploring the effects of activity on the blood flow of the median nerve and the ultrasonic imaging manifestations in patients with joint stiffness. These studies aim to deepen our understanding of the application of ultrasound technology in the rehabilitation process and provide more precise treatment guidance for patients.

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
你在哪里获得你的本科学士学位, 主修什么专业?
I received my bachelor’s degree in medicine from Peking University. I am currently pursuing a Medicine Doctorate degree.

What do you like about occupational therapy?
What I love most about occupational therapy is the combination of its comprehensive approach and individualization. Applying advanced technologies like musculoskeletal ultrasound to patients with joint stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome allows us to tailor treatment plans specifically for each patient. This not only significantly enhances their quality of life but also represents an intriguing direction for the future development of medicine.

What is the focus of your current research?
My current research primarily focuses on the application of musculoskeletal sonography, combined with artificial intelligence, to identify and differentiate fibrotic tissues. This study aims to help us diagnose patients with joint stiffness more accurately, guide their treatment, and make more precise prognostic predictions.

How do you plan to advance OS in China?
As a resident in training and a future physician, I plan to advance the development of occupational science in China by further expanding my current research. Additionally, I intend to actively participate in academic conferences, exchange ideas with peers in the field of rehabilitation medicine, and share our research findings to raise public awareness and understanding of the importance of occupational therapy and occupational science.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?
My favorite leisure activity is reading, especially books related to personal growth. These books not only help me understand myself better but also facilitate my personal development, allowing me to progress continuously both professionally and personally. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is my most cherished book. It articulates universally applicable life principles that are valuable for people at various stages of life. This book delves deeply into the balance between understanding oneself and adhering to principles, providing profound insights to its readers. It has had a significant impact on me.