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Chen Gong 公晨 OTD ’22

Chen Gong 公晨 OTD ’22

Hometown: Laiwu, Shandong Province, China
Program: Post-Professional OTD, Class of 2022


Residency Focus: Hand Therapy

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
你在哪里获得你的本科学士学位, 主修什么专业?

I received my bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation therapy from Sun Yat-sen University.

What do you like about occupational therapy?

All in all, I like the core values of occupational therapy. In the 21st century, occupational therapy retains a holistic view of the patient. I am convinced that occupation is not only a means of therapy, but also the ultimate goal of intervention.

What are some memorable moments from your residency experience?

I have received a lot of support and help from the China Initiative, which I really appreciate. At the same time, I also created and presented a poster at the 2022 AOTA INSPIRE Conference, where I shared my scientific research findings. It has been a pleasure to interact with occupational therapy practitioners and scholars throughout the United States. I have also gained many experiences related to clinical practice.

How do you plan to advance OT in China?

I plan to start with scientific research. I will conduct OT or OS research, apply for research funds, publish papers, and utilize data to support the applicability and significance of occupational therapy within the Chinese context. Later, I will become an occupational therapy practitioner that integrates medical practice, teaching and research, promotes the unique values of OT and actively explores the localization of occupational therapy.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?

I like hiking. The fresh air and the pleasant scenery helps me de-stress and release me from the pressure of life for a while. I also like reading.  While reading, a cup of black tea can make it even better. And of course, playing the guitar. I like singing, even though I’m not that good at it.