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Effectiveness of Two Occupational Therapy Treatments for the Elderly

Health Core ⟩ Lifestyle Interventions for Health Promotion and Prevention Lab ⟩

Principal Investigator: Florence Clark PhD, FAOTA

Feb 1994 – Apr 1997

Total funding

In response to this need, we conducted between 1994 and 1996 a randomized controlled trial, the Well Elderly Study, to evaluate the effectiveness of preventive [Occupational Therapy] specifically targeted for urban, multi-ethnic, independent-living older adults. Typically, OT is provided to older individuals to facilitate independence after catastrophic illness or accidents when significant functional impairment or disability is present. However, we reasoned that many of the principles of OT intervention, given their focus on fostering productive and meaningful activity (occupation), maximizing independence, and enhancing function, constituted a potentially effective approach to preventing illness and disability and promoting health in this vulnerable population.


Type Source Number Amount Period
Federal NIH / National Institute on Aging (NIA) / Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) / Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD) 5R01AG011810-03 $279,882 Feb 1996 – Apr 1997
Federal NIH / NIA 3R01AG011810-02S1 $18,177 Apr 1995 – Jan 1996
Federal NIH / NIA / AHRQ / NICHD 5R01AG011810-02 $266,206 Mar 1995 – Jan 1996
Federal NIH / NIA 3R01AG011810-01S1 $26,624 Jun 1994 – Jan 1995
Federal NIH / NIA / AHRQ / NICHD 1R01AG011810-01 $220,001 Feb 1994 – Jan 1995