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Yongshi Wang 王咏诗 OTD ’23

Yongshi Wang 王咏诗 OTD ’23

Hometown: Fujian Province, China
Program: Post-Professional OTD, Class of 2023

家乡: 中国福建
项目: 作业治疗专业博士,2023级

Residency Focus: Community Mental Health, Pediatrics, Specialized Foster Care
实习方向: 社区精神卫生,儿童,特殊养育

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
你在哪里获得你的本科学士学位, 主修什么专业?
Capital Medical University, Rehabilitation Therapy (Occupational Therapy Direction)

What do you like about occupational therapy?
OT can enhance occupational being, belonging and becoming, and promote human health and wellness. It can also help specific populations explore their occupational needs to attain high quality of life.

What is the focus of your current residency?
To observe and study how OT works with children with mental health needs while collaborating with children’s family and other rehabilitation team members. The main focuses are the social and emotional needs of the children together with their caregivers. I also work with my preceptor to develop the observation guide to help with my residency. We discuss a lot about our clients’ needs in natural contexts so that all our evaluation and intervention can serve them in various contexts and make good transformation and adaptation.

How do you plan to advance OT in China?
My interest area is mental health and community and population health and wellness. To do so, I will first develop ideas and plans for research necessary to understand the various occupational needs of the population in the Chinese community. I hope to keep an open mind to reflect on what I have learned here and develop culturally adaptive programs for people in China. For example, people with mental disorders will experience disruption in various occupations in their lives, so I hope I can help them regain occupational balance for their lives to get a state of harmony in life.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?
I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and sports.