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Supreme Court: Are bans on homeless camps ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment? ⟩

Nina Raffio, in USC Today | June 6, 2024
Benjamin Henwood, director of the Center for Homelessness, Housing and Health Equity Research at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, who also holds a secondary faculty appointment at USC Chan, weighs in on the major homelessness case facing the US Supreme Court.

FDA Health Care at Home Initiative identifies occupational therapy as a key need ⟩

American Occupational Therapy Association, in AOTA News | April 25, 2024
Occupational therapy will figure prominently in the launch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Health Care at Home Initiative to Help Advance Health Equity, with the assistance of AOTA-identified expert Beth Pyatak, associate professor at the USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy.
Community and Partners Faculty

Billing and Coding for Caregiver Training Services [Podcast] ⟩

AOTA Podcast, in blogtalkradio.com | April 24, 2024
The Current Procedural Terminology 2024 code, that is effective as of January 1, 2024, includes a new subsection containing three new codes related to caregiver training without the patient present. On today's episode we speak with USC faculty member and AOTA's incoming Executive Director Katie Jordan about the changes and implications for billing and coding practices.
Associations and Bodies Faculty

‘How do we build community?’ Western prof studies sites of social connection ⟩

Megan Stacey, in Western University (Canada) News | February 1, 2024
Western University's (Canada) Debbie Laliberte Rudman and USC Chan's Beccy Aldrich, professor of clinical occupational therapy, study “third places” — environments outside of home and work — and what they mean to those with unstable employment.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness Research

L.A. turns to occupational therapists to keep formerly homeless from returning to streets ⟩

Molly Castle Work, in Los Angeles Times | KFF Health News | January 22, 2024
Alum Julian Prado MA ’19, OTD ’20 is one of 10 Los Angeles County-employed occupational therapists assigned to homeless and formerly homeless clients, doing all they can to help keep their clients from returning to the streets. Deborah Pitts, professor of clinical occupational therapy, also comments on the interrelationships between occupation, cognition and function.
Alumni Community and Partners Faculty


Boxing away the blues ⟩

Zane Hill, in Los Angeles Business Journal | September 18, 2023
Assistant Clinical Professor Marissa Marchioni on the effects of exercise routines, including boxing-based workouts, for increasing daily mental health.
Faculty Health and Wellness

Eco-grief is real — here’s what you can do about it ⟩

Nina Raffio, in USC Today | September 6, 2023
USC experts including Associate Clinical Professor Camille Dieterle discuss the profound effects of the climate crisis on human health and well-being.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness

The USC Peace Garden opens gates to the public ⟩

Terence Holton and Alia Noll, in USC Annenberg Media | September 5, 2023
With the help of USC Sustainability, the USC Peace Garden is hoping to immerse students in nature.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness

Easing sensory sensitivities in the clinic: Q&A with Leah Stein Duker ⟩

Calli McMurray, in Spectrum | June 30, 2023
Spectrum spoke with Leah Stein Duker — lead author of a new study published in JAMA Network Open earlier this month — about how simple modifications to the sensory environment can make health care experiences less fraught for autistic children with sensory sensitivities.
Autism Faculty Research

USC trailblazer encourages others to live authentically ⟩

Ramon ‘Ray’ Delgado, in USC Today | June 20, 2023
Faculty member Karrie Kingsley, USC's associate chief inclusion and diversity officer for faculty and staff success, hopes to create a safe environment and serve as a role model for students who struggle with their gender identity.
Diversity, Access, Equity Faculty

Preterm Infant Feeding with Bobbi Pineda, Carolyn Ibrahim, & Molly Grabill ⟩

AJOT Authors & Issues, in YouTube | June 17, 2023
This session of AJOT Authors & Issues features guests Dr. Bobbi Pineda, Carolyn Ibrahim, & Molly Grabill. In this session we discuss their article entitled "The Prevalence of Early Feeding Alterations in Preterm Infants and their Relationship to Early Neurobehavior" published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy Volume 77, Issue 3.
Faculty Lectures and Talks Research

Skin-to-skin contact significantly reduces death rates for premature babies ⟩

Sabrina Malhi, in The Washington Post | June 7, 2023
Associate Professor Bobbi Pineda comments on a new BMJ Global Health article showing that early implementation of a type of skin-to-skin contact called kangaroo mother care appears to significantly improve the odds of survival for premature or low-birth-weight babies.
Clinical Faculty Health and Wellness Research

International study shows link between brain age and stroke outcomes ⟩

Sidney Taiko Sheehan, in Keck School of Medicine of USC | April 6, 2023
A USC-led team of researchers find that brain age, a neuroimaging-based assessment of global brain health, may play a role in post-stroke outcomes and could potentially help identify people at risk for poorer outcomes.
Faculty Research Technology

The Nature of Dangerous Construction Work is Radically Changing ⟩

Matilda Bathurst, in USC Viterbi School of Engineering | March 13, 2023
A new study spearheaded by the USC Sonny Astani Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering shows how on-site construction can go remote.
Community and Partners Faculty Research Technology

NSF Grant to Make Coding More Accessible for Persons with Physical Disabilities ⟩

Caitlin Dawson, in USC Viterbi School of Engineering News | February 9, 2023
A USC-led multidisciplinary team, including Associate Professor Sook-Lei Liew, aims to create inclusive coding technology for persons with physical disabilities.
Community and Partners Faculty Research Technology


Peace garden brings community greenery ⟩

Erin Walton, in Daily Trojan | September 29, 2022
University members are working to spruce up a small plot of land near Shrine Auditorium, gathering weekly to garden and host wellness events through the University Park Peace Garden. Camille Dieterle, associate professor of clinical occupational therapy, leads the Garden Project, which is funded by the USC Chan School of Occupational Therapy ReSPONs grant.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness

Sensory Processing in Infants: A Conversation with Dr. Grace Baranek ⟩

The Real Spectrum | August 9, 2022
Q&A with Associate Dean and Chair Dr. Grace Baranek and The Real Spectrum, a blog written from the sibling’s perspective on the autistic brain.
Autism Faculty Research

From Student to Patient: How Keck Medicine of USC Brought Me Back to Life ⟩

Morgan Stephens, in USC Today | July 25, 2022
USC’s Post-COVID clinic guided this USC alumna on her journey back to health.
Clinical Faculty Pandemic

Improve Your Grip Strength ⟩

Janet Lee, in Consumer Reports | July 17, 2022
These tips can help you handle a variety of everyday chores and activities.
Faculty Health and Wellness

Occupational Therapist Assists With Daily Do’s ⟩

Andy Lippman, in South Pasadena Review | July 15, 2022
Advice from Ashley Halle help one South Pasadena reporter solve everyday post-pandemic problems.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness

DDI on Autism featuring Grace Baranek and Claire Chen ⟩

DDI on Autism hosted by Dr. Michael Romas, in 103.9FM LI News Radio | JVC Broadcasting | July 2, 2022
Associate Dean and Chair Grace Baranek and alumna Claire Chen PhD ’21, postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University’s Offord Centre for Child Studies, discuss their research on the detection of early markers of autism and their potential for increasing access and timeliness to early intervention services.
Autism Faculty Podcasts

Major expansion of open-source neuroimaging data set to boost stroke recovery research ⟩

Sidney Taiko Sheehan, in Keck School News | June 27, 2022
A USC-led team of researchers releases expanded data set of brain scans from stroke patients with more than four times the data in the hopes of speeding up large-scale stroke recovery research.
Community and Partners Faculty Research Technology

Got long Covid? Seniors should prepare to go slow ⟩

Judith Graham, in CNN Health | May 26, 2022
Faculty member Jamie Wilcox is quoted in an article about older adults' increased likeliness to experience various symptoms linked to long Covid.
Clinical Faculty Pandemic

Possible new ASD screening method found ⟩

Angie Mendoza, in Daily Trojan | March 30, 2022
The Daily Trojan recaps the Mar. 2 article published in Child Development by the insp!re lab research team led by Grace Baranek and John Sideris.
Autism Faculty Research Students


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus ⟩

Hydrocephalus Association | November 30, 2021
Assoc. Clinical Prof. John Margetis features in this preview of a video webinar hosted by the Hydrocephalus Association.
Associations and Bodies Clinical Faculty Lectures and Talks

A Conversation with Allison Phillips, Occupational Therapist ⟩

The Hamilton Review [Spotify] | October 19, 2021
Join us for the latest episode of The Hamilton Review Podcast! In this conversation, Dr. Bob Hamilton sits down with Allison Phillips, a Los Angeles-based occupational therapist. Parents, this is a must-listen conversation that will answer questions and ease the fears that many parents of young children may deal with. Enjoy this great conversation and share with a friend!
Autism Clinical Faculty Podcasts

AOTA’s Everyday Evidence podcast: Best practices for adults with Multiple Sclerosis featuring Dr. Rebecca Cunningham and Dr. Ashley Uyeshiro ⟩

American Occupational Therapy Association | October 6, 2021
Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Uyeshiro discuss their work in the University of Southern California Multiple Sclerosis clinic and their contributions to an AOTA systematic review — "Interventions within the scope of occupational therapy practice affecting instrumental activities of daily living (IADLS) for adults with Multiple Sclerosis." They share personal knowledge gained from lived experiences working with clients who have MS, students learning to think like OT practitioners, and with the Lifestyle Redesign approach to treatment.
Clinical Faculty Lifestyle Redesign Podcasts

‘Doing your best at each opportunity offered often opens up new doors for even more opportunities’ ⟩

Stefano Sandrone, in Imperial College London NeurOn Topic: Learning and Teaching | August 9, 2021
Imperial College London's NeurOn Topic blog interviews USC Chan faculty member Sook-Lei Liew.
Faculty Technology

COVID-19 outpatient care case application ⟩

AOTA's Everyday Evidence Podcast | July 21, 2021
In episode two of our three-part Covid-19 case application series we speak with the lead clinician at USC’s Keck medical center, Jamie Wilcox. She shares how she and her colleagues consulted, used, and developed evidence-based approaches to address client care during the Covid-19 pandemic, and summarize a case study she co-authored outlining the process for providing occupational therapy services to a client with Covid-19 in the outpatient setting.
Clinical Faculty Pandemic Podcasts

COVID-19 critical care case application ⟩

AOTA's Everyday Evidence Podcast | July 19, 2021
What have two frontline OT practitioners learned during the COVID-19 pandemic? In the first episode of our three-part “COVID-19 Case Applications” series, Jamie Wilcox, OTD, OTR/L, and John Margetis, OTD, OTR/L, share their experiences as occupational therapists in a critical care setting during the pandemic. This series of #AOTApodcast episodes will focus on the COVID-19 case applications published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy.
Clinical Faculty Pandemic Podcasts


10 Ways an OT Can Help With MS Independence ⟩

Lara DeSanto, in HealthCentral | December 8, 2020
As the name suggests, an occupational therapist (OT) can help make doing your job easier, but they do a heck of a lot more. An OT can play a major role on your healthcare team when you have multiple sclerosis (MS).
Faculty Health and Wellness Lifestyle Redesign


USC Study Shows Occupational Therapy Helps Diabetes Patients Make Lifestyle Changes that Can Prevent Serious Health Complications ⟩

Paul Karon, in Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute | November 8, 2019
The pilot study is the first to be completed under a novel academic-government collaboration between the SC CTSI, the UCLA CTSI, and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Associations and Bodies Community and Partners Faculty Lifestyle Redesign Research

Column: Gentrification opened a rift between an L.A. church and a children’s center. Can they both survive? ⟩

Nita Lelyveld, in Los Angeles Times | August 30, 2019
Growing pressures from gentrification are affecting neighborhood institutions across Los Angeles — such as Atwater Park Baptist Church, which was founded in 1923, and Atwater Park Center, an early childhood intervention program started by church members in 1968 where USC Chan faculty member Kate Crowley offers occupational therapy consultations — learning to give-and-take in the face of current sociocultural and economic changes.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder make up 12% of disabled student population at El Camino College ⟩

Rosemary Montalvo, in El Camino College — The Union | May 29, 2019
The type of assistance that is needed by students with autism varies from person to person and depends on the proactiveness of the student to request accommodations, but sometimes, schools fail to meet every accommodation needed by some students, Tracy Jalaba an assistant professor of clinical occupational therapy at USC told The Union.
Autism Clinical Diversity, Access, Equity Faculty

How to Choose a Bicycle When You Have Ankylosing Spondylitis ⟩

Quinn Phillips, in everydayhealth.com | May 21, 2019
It’s important to consider both your physical needs and how you plan to use your bike.
Faculty Health and Wellness

Championing High-Quality Care: Integrating Assessments Into Occupational Therapy Acute Care Practice ⟩

Stephanie Tsai and Elyse Peterson, in OT Practice | March 21, 2019
Clinical Faculty


Improving the health of L.A. County’s rural Latinos ⟩

Ana Beatriz Cholo, in USC Today | September 7, 2018
By teaming with community health workers, the 16-week study ¡Vivir Mi Vida! connects underserved with lifestyle-based occupational therapy.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness Lifestyle Redesign

How Virtual Avatars Help Stroke Patients Improve Motor Function ⟩

S. C. Stuart, in PCMag.com | March 8, 2018
At USC, Dr. Sook-Lei Liew is testing whether watching a virtual avatar that moves in response to brain commands can activate portions of the brain damaged by stroke
Faculty Research Technology


Occupational Therapy Helps Young Adults With Diabetes ⟩

Miriam E. Tucker, in Medscape | June 21, 2017
An occupational therapy intervention can help improve HbA1c and improve quality of life in young adults with diabetes, new research finds.
Associations and Bodies Faculty Health and Wellness Lectures and Talks Research

Using virtual reality — and mom’s sewing machine — for stroke rehab ⟩

Katharine Gammon, in USC Today | June 12, 2017
Sook-Lei Liew builds a prototype with a laptop, an off-the-shelf VR rig, a $9 swim cap and a brain-computer interface system
Faculty Health and Wellness Research Technology


Neuroimaging helps reveal brain-body links in autism research ⟩

Mike McNulty, in USC Today | April 26, 2016
Researcher uses state-of-the-art techniques to assess the brain’s ability to turn sensory information into a motor response
Autism Awards Faculty Research Technology

Can virtual reality neurofeedback help stroke survivors recover? ⟩

John Hobbs, in USC Today | February 1, 2016
USC researcher Sook-Lei Liew receives American Heart Association Innovative Research Grant to find out
Associations and Bodies Awards Faculty Health and Wellness Research Technology

Can pictures prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? ⟩

Breanne Grady, in USC Today | January 21, 2016
Using sonographic imaging, a USC professor seeks to detect the earliest signs of the disorder
Associations and Bodies Awards Faculty Health and Wellness Research Technology


Beth Pyatak Is A Type 1 Diabetes Researcher, D-Wife And New D-Mom… ⟩

Arden's Day and The Juicebox Podcast | September 29, 2015
Beth Pyatak has perspective times three. She is a diabetes researcher, married to a man who has type 1 and the mother of a little boy who was recently diagnosed.
Faculty Health and Wellness Podcasts Research


Chan family gift creates first named, endowed occupational therapy program in nation ⟩

Jessica Raymond, in USC Today | September 17, 2014
The $20 million gift establishes an occupational therapy initiative in China and Florence Clark is installed as first holder of Mrs. T.H. Chan Professorship
Alumni Awards Community and Partners Faculty International


Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy kicks off $6 million initiative ⟩

Mike McNulty, in USC News | April 29, 2013
The USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy officially announced its entry into The Campaign for the University of Southern California on April 27 before a capacity crowd of more than 400 Trojans at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront ballroom.
Conferences Events Faculty


USC Occupational Therapy celebrates 70 years of service ⟩

Mike McNulty, in USC News | November 26, 2012
A crowd of more than 100 Trojans gathered at the Pasadena Hilton in October to commemorate the 1942 installation of occupational therapy at USC.
Alumni Events Faculty

Trojan gets firsthand look at nation’s defense systems ⟩

Mike McNulty, in USC News | August 30, 2012
Clark joined other leaders from industry, media, entertainment, health care, nonprofit and public sectors, as well as academia, to get a firsthand look at the inner workings of operations across all five branches of the military.
Community and Partners Conferences Faculty

Florence Clark shines in national spotlight ⟩

Mike McNulty, in USC News | May 1, 2012
Florence Clark PhD ’82, associate dean of the USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, reaffirmed the university’s long-standing history of leadership in the profession of occupational therapy at the 92nd annual conference of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) held April 26-29 in Indianapolis, Ind.
Associations and Bodies Conferences Events Faculty Lectures and Talks

Scientists search for source of creativity ⟩

Robert Perkins, in USC Today | March 5, 2012
USC researchers are working to pin down the exact source of creativity in the brain and have found that the left hemisphere of your brain, thought to be the logic and math portion, actually plays a critical role in creative thinking.
Faculty Research


Five Scholars Join Faculty at Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy ⟩

Alix Sleight, in USC News | October 19, 2011
The USC Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy has appointed five new members to junior tenure-track faculty positions, bolstering its profile both in occupational science research and in occupational therapy clinical evidence expertise.
Clinical Faculty Research

USC Researchers Explore the Source of Empathy in the Brain ⟩

Robert Perkins, in USC News | July 18, 2011
According to a new study from USC, even failing to possess a full complement of limbs will not stop your brain from understanding what it is like for someone else to experience pain in one of them. It may, however, change the way your brain does so.
Faculty Research


Clark named president of Occupational Therapy Assn. ⟩

Faryl Reingold, in USC News | March 27, 2009
Professor Florence A. Clark, associate dean and chair of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, a division of the USC School of Dentistry, has been elected president-elect of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).
Associations and Bodies Faculty

Florence Clark Elected to New Post ⟩

Faryl Reingold, in USC News | March 13, 2009
Professor Florence A. Clark, associate dean and chair of the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the USC School of Dentistry, has been elected president-elect of the American Occupational Therapy Association.
Associations and Bodies Faculty


Florence Clark elected vice president of American Occupational Therapy Association ⟩

Jon Nalick, in USC News | March 24, 2006
Members of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) recently elected Florence A. Clark, professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, as vice president of the organization.
Associations and Bodies Faculty

Reasons for Living Where You Work ⟩

Allison Engel, in USC News | February 22, 2006
USC has a small, but growing, residential faculty program, with 19 professors and their families living in dormitories and apartments throughout campus.
Community and Partners Faculty Health and Wellness Students


American Occupational Therapy Assn. honors USC professor Ruth Zemke ⟩

Alicia Di Rado, in USC News | November 5, 2004
The American Occupational Therapy Association has granted its highest academic honor to Professor Emeritus Ruth Zemke of the USC Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy.
Associations and Bodies Awards Faculty Lectures and Talks

USC bestows its highest honor on occupational therapy leader ⟩

USC News | March 5, 2004
Florence Clark, chair of the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, was recently tapped to receive USC’s highest honor.
Awards Faculty


Department of Occupational Therapy chair honored by peers for lifetime achievement ⟩

USC News | November 9, 2001
Florence A. Clark, professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) at its 25th Annual Conference in Sacramento on Oct. 14.
Associations and Bodies Awards Events Faculty


OT faculty ink one of 1999’s top health publications ⟩

USC News | June 23, 2000
A recent book by USC Occupational Therapy faculty members has been ranked among the top 250 health publications for 1999, according to Doody Publishing and Review Service.
Awards Faculty Lifestyle Redesign


Occupational therapy chair named to NIH rehabilitation panel ⟩

Cynthia Johannssen, in USC News | December 11, 1998
Florence Clark, chair of occupational therapy and occupational science, has been named to the National Advisory Board on Medical Rehabilitation Research at the National Institutes of Health. Clark will serve a four-year term.
Associations and Bodies Faculty


Linda Fazio’s life’s work: a tapestry woven for many children ⟩

USC News | September 8, 1995
Linda Fazio sees people as tapestries woven of strands that correspond to health, culture, creativity and the search for meaning.
Faculty Health and Wellness