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Zhixin Liu 刘芷忻 OTD ’24

Zhixin Liu 刘芷忻 OTD ’24

Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Program: Post-Professional OTD, Class of 2024


Residency Focus: Adult, Oncology, Chronic Conditions

Where did you receive your bachelor’s degree and in what major?
I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Therapy from Guangzhou Medical University.

What do you like about occupational therapy?
Actually, during my undergraduate studies, I primarily focused on courses related to PT. It was during my master’s program that I started to explore courses in OT. OT is a fascinating, enjoyable, creative, and meaningful discipline. Through my OT education, I learned how to “live life to its fullest”, and continually enrich my life by engaging in a variety of meaningful occupations.
我本科时主要学习的是PT的课程,直到硕士期间才开始接触OT课程。OT是一门奇妙的、有趣的、创造性的、有意义的学科,通过学习OT,我学会了如何“live life to its fullest”,也学会了不断地通过各种各样有意义的作业活动丰富自己的生活,让自己成为一个有趣的人。

What is the focus of your residency?
My clinical residency site is Keck Hospital, where I observe experienced occupational therapists, practice evaluations and treatments for different conditions under their supervision , and gain experience in documentation. In my research residency at the LRCC lab, I work as an OTD research assistant, primarily involved in projects such as REAL-T and FEEL-T1D.
我的临床实习点是Keck hospital。我跟着专业的、有丰富经验的治疗师观察不同疾病的评估和治疗,并学习文书记录。在我的科研实习点LRCC lab中,我作为OTD研究助理参与辅助了REAL-T、FEEL-T1D等研究项目。

How do you plan to advance OT in China?
My plan at USC is to further my knowledge in OT, oncology, and chronic disease management, accumulating clinical experience and research expertise. Based on this foundation, I aspire to work as an occupational therapist in a hospital. If possible, I would like to engage in clinical practice and research related to cancer rehabilitation and collaborate with professionals from various disciplines to develop comprehensive cancer rehabilitation programs.

What are your favorite occupation(s)?
One of my favorite occupations is going for walks or traveling. While in Beijing, I frequently visited parks and scenic spots, finding relaxation and solace in nature. I am also passionate about music and was a member of the PKUHSC No.38 choir. I enjoyed wonderful and joyful times singing with my friends.