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Daily Fun
Posted , by Anijah
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There are a few activities that I engage in daily that I believe lead me to live a good quality life. One is to start my day with a warm cup of tea and another being regular exercise. When my siblings and I were younger, our parents embedded a tradition into our lives, from their childhoods, which was to have a warm cup of tea in the mornings. This tradition I continue to this very day. The first thing I do every morning is to make a cup of tea while catching up on social media or watching television. The two hours each day before class or work are the best times for me to fully relax and not worry about anything especially since it is rare for me to have time to watch anything once I have started my day.

Exercise is the other activity that I engage in almost every day. Once I retired from track and field, I had to find a new way to stay active. Initially, it took me a while to get back into the gym because I enjoyed having a break from a mandatory workout routine. But after taking a weight training class at USC, I was able to find a good work-life balance and realize the impact this balance has on my life. Certain activities either make my energy levels increase or decrease, and exercise ensures that my energy level was steady. If I go too long without at least fitting in 30 minutes of cardio in my day, I tend to feel really lethargic until I work out again.

To be consistent, I created an exercise plan. While creating my exercise plan, I had to know how much my body could take without being burnt out.  It is important to know how much you should be engaging in an activity like exercise, especially since I was used to exercising at an extreme level. Exercising can be really rewarding, but it can also have a negative toll on you if you do not know have a reasonable approach and goals.

The last activity that I try to do every day is to spend time with friends without having to do work. My friends and I tend to study together because we are more productive that way. We also put time aside to spend a few hours with each other without having to worry about school work. During these times, we are either enjoying each other’s conversations, playing games, trying new things, or cooking. (Earlier I wrote a blog on how much I enjoy cooking, and luckily, I found friends who really appreciate cooking as well.)

It is essential for everyone to spend time doing those things that interest them so that they can lead a good quality life. There will always be things we may not necessarily enjoy doing. But, as long as we have a good balance between the two, you can lead the life that you truly enjoy. Take time to find pursuits that you enjoy by testing new ones or continuing to engaging in ones you do like. Fight On!

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