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What USC has done for me (so far)?
Posted , by Anijah
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For a very long time I was unsure about what I wanted to do for my future, but what I did know was that I wanted to attend an amazing university located near my family. The first time I applied to USC I did not get accepted, so I had to decide if this university was what I truly wanted. My twin sister and I soon realized that we definitely wanted to attend USC, so we decided to go through with the Trojan Transfer Plan. Ever since I entered high school, I always had the idea that I would attend a four-year university right after graduation, but I believed I would be most successful at a community college first. I attended a CC where I could compete in track and field while completing the necessary steps to transfer to USC. After one amazing year in Sacramento, CA, my sister and I both got into the university of our dreams, USC.

Transferring into a university can be difficult for many reasons, and it can be even more stressful when you are indecisive about what you want to do. I had always participated in sports, so I believed it would be good to get a degree in Human Biology. With that degree, I could go to physical therapy school. I was nervous to switch my major because it is a huge step in any college student’s life when they do so. While switching my major, I also added on a minor in occupational therapy because it is a healthcare profession that worked closely with physical therapists. My first occupational therapy class discussed how occupations allow people to experience a healthier life. USC is one of the few universities to offer undergraduates the opportunity to learn more about this amazing field as a minor.

Halfway through my first semester at USC, I started to realize that I enjoyed the field of occupational therapy. After doing some research, I found myself at one of the information sessions that the OT division offers. Immediately, I noticed how this graduate program accepted people from all educational backgrounds. After attending the session, I met with my advisor so that I could get on track to attend graduate school for occupational therapy. Deciding to transfer to the University of Southern California was a great decision because I truly believe I would have never found such an amazing career!

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