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How to Get Information about the Master’s Program in Abroad

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It is not easy to get information about a school especially when the location is far from your country. For me, after I decided to go to school in the U.S. for master’s program in occupational therapy, I tried to gather all information, but it was quite hard to find and confusing what and where to ask. So, I’d like to share what I did, and what I should’ve done better for more information.

1. Things I did
- Search the internet: This is the first and most frequent work that I did. First I searched with terms such as “occupational therapy in the U.S.,” “occupational therapy master’s program,” “occupational therapy school,” etc. Then, I decided to surf each university’s website, especially on the USC Chan Division website (I almost decided to go to USC then). It was good to find information on the websites, but there was too much information sometimes that I couldn’t distinguish which one might be useful for me.

- Ask professors from my undergraduate school: They were all supportive and helpful but it wasn’t enough since I was the first student who was applying for Master’s Program abroad at my university.

2. Things I should’ve known and done
- Contact! As you may know, we have our contact information on our admission page. There are not only contact information to the admission team but also about request information and virtual information session which you can attend even if you’re not in here. I thought if I had contacted before I apply, I could know more and be sure that I’m applying properly.

Lastly, As a previous prospective international student, I was always thinking that it would be great if I could find information more efficiently, and have someone to ask questions, which is one reason why I wanted to be a student ambassador.

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